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DuPage County child visitation attorney family lawMost experts agree that children thrive when they have positive relationships with both parents, along with extended family on both sides. Unfortunately, life does not always work out that way. In some cases, parents do not agree on which family members should and should not be part of a child’s life. Sometimes, a parent may even have good reason to feel that the other parent is unfit to be around their child. Typically, Illinois law allows for children of divorced parents to continue having parenting time with both parents and meaningful relationships with all of their extended family. However, there are, of course, necessary exceptions. 

What Is Considered Cause for Termination of Visitation?

Custody laws in Illinois state that unless a child’s physical, emotional, mental, and/or moral health is at stake, modifications to a child custody agreement will not be made. Of course, this can be a tough call to make, so when there is a question about the matter of a child’s safety, it will probably require an investigation and a hearing. Significant evidence that the accused party is indeed a danger to the child will have to be produced in order for the court to consider changes.

What Types of Visitation Modifications May Be Made?

Family members in the child’s life who have visitation rights which could be challenged include a parent, grandparent, sibling, or stepparent. In a “normal situation,” all of these relatives would be entitled to regular contact with the child, including in-person visits and electronic or phone contact when the child is not in their physical presence. However, if it can be proven that the child would be in danger during the course of parenting time or visitation with family members, modifications may be made.

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Wheaton parenting time attorneysWhile some divorcing couples fight and argue until the bitter end, more and more parents are striving for an amicable end to their marriage. One might even go say that the decision to “consciously uncouple” has become somewhat of a trend in divorce. There are even “new” parenting time plans being used by well-meaning parents. One such example is the “bird-nesting” arrangement. 

Is this type of parenting time plan a positive one for kids, or is it merely a trend? More importantly, could this type of agreement result in unnecessary harm for children of divorce? The following examines both sides of a bird-nesting divorce, and it explains how you can determine if it may be a suitable parenting time solution for your family. 

What is a Bird-Nesting Divorce?

When most parents divorce, one typically moves out of the house. The other may soon follow, or they may opt to keep the family home. In either case, the children may be shuffled back and forth between the two homes. In the midst of all the changes occurring in their lives, such arrangements can be daunting for children of divorce. It can also amp up the discomfort they feel while trying to adjust to their “new life.” 

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Wheaton divorce lawyersAlthough divorce rates in America have declined over most age groups throughout the last several years, the rate is still high enough to create the perfect conditions for large blended families. Sadly, the risk of divorce is much higher for those in their subsequent marriages. If one does occur, the new family unit could be at risk of a breakdown – and that can be especially damaging to children who have already experienced a divorce. Learn how you can protect your children and stepchildren from the negative effects of a second divorce, and discover how an experienced attorney may be able to help.

The Legal Complexities of Blended Families

While some stepparents legally adopt their stepchildren, this is not always an option. That is because the biological parent retains their rights unless they give them up voluntarily or have had them severed by the courts. In most instances, this is a positive thing. It can increase the chances that the child will have a continued relationship with both of their biological parents, which can reduce their chances of a maladjustment issue after a divorce.

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DuPage County divorce lawyersDivorce can negatively impact all involved parties, but children are often the most vulnerable to serious and long-term effects. One of those possible effects is the emergence (or resurgence) of separation anxiety. Learn how to help your child deal with separation anxiety after divorce, and discover what an experienced attorney can do to assist.

Divorce and Separation Anxiety in Children

Although separation anxiety is most commonly associated with the toddler years, children of any age can experience it – especially if they are dealing with a difficult or traumatizing event. Death of a loved one, changes in their environment, and divorce are just a few examples. Most cases are minor and will resolve with time. However, more extreme cases may require the specialized assistance of a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

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Illinois parenting time lawyersLife after divorce can be hectic, especially if you share children with your ex-spouse, but a new phone application is trying to make it a little easier. Designed to help divorced parents manage their children’s schedules from two completely different homes and devices, it is revolutionizing divorce. Learn more about the application and how you can incorporate it into your Illinois parenting plan with help from the following information.

How the App Works

Developed by a divorced Florida dad of two, the application is named Fayr, and it can track everything from time sharing to schedule changes, all in real time. It also permits the exporting of court documents, location check-ins, and can keep track of child-related expenses. Families who are using it sing its praises, saying it helps keep everyone organized – even the kids. Currently available on iOS for a monthly subscription fee, and set to release for Android at the end of 2017, it can also easily be incorporated into an Illinois parenting plan.

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