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Books to Read to Your Children During a Divorce (And Why)

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DuPage County parenting time lawyersGoing through a divorce is hard on parents, but it can be especially difficult for children. They are experiencing a range of emotions, and they might not understand how to deal with those emotions effectively. Reading books to your young children can help them to see that they are not alone, and what they are feeling is normal. Books can also show children how to deal with and express complex emotions. The following books would be a great place to start: 

It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear, by Vicki Lansky

This sweet story tells of a young bear cub whose parents are getting divorced. Koko Bear goes through a range of emotions, including anger, guilt, sadness, and confusion. The best part of the book is that it offers advice to parents on how to help children with these emotions. 

My Family’s Changing, by Pat Thomas

A sweet little picture book that tells about how divorce affects families. It has a “What About You” section that gives parents a number of questions that parents can ask their children. Ultimately, answering these questions can help the child to better understand and express their feelings. 

Dinosaurs Divorce, by Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

This book is great for helping children understand what happens next. It shows a dinosaur family going through a divorce, and what comes after, such as living in two different homes and splitting up holidays. 

Divorce is Not the End of the World, by Zoe and Evan Stern

This is a book geared toward children 8 and up, but it offers great insight to children of any age, so long as a parent is there to help. Written by Zoe and Evan Stern when they were just 15 and 13, they talk about what it is like to be children of divorce. They explore many topics, including emotions, living in two different homes, stepparents, and blended families. It is a great book to keep on hand for the divorce and years after. 

Two Homes, by Claire Masurel

This book focuses on what it is like to have two homes. In it, the child has two of everything they love - one in each home. It also focuses on the fact that they still have both parents’ love, and that they are well cared for in each home. Ultimately, it can give young children some reassurance that they will still feel safe and loved, even as their family begins to change. 

Standing on my Own Two Feet, by Tamara Schmitz

This book is all about the love that a child feels from both parents. It focuses on how both parents still support their son through his activities and that he has fun at both homes. It is great for emphasizing that no matter what happens, children still get love from both their parents, even if they are no longer one family. 

The key with all these books is to open up discussions with your children and to enforce things that are still good and that whatever they are feeling is okay.  

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