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Examining the Pros and Cons of a Shared Parenting Plan

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Wheaton parenting time attorneysThanks to studies and real-life families, shared parenting plans are on the rise. In fact, several states have introduced bills that would make a 50-50 parenting time split the starting point in all divorces - but is this trend appropriate for every family? Consider the following pros and cons of a shared parenting plan, and learn how our seasoned divorce lawyers can help you in deciding whether one may be right for your family. 

What is a Shared Parenting Plan?

Shared parenting plans typically involve a near-equal split of the child’s time. Some families switch off weekly, with one parent having the child for a week and then the other. In other shared parenting plans, the child may switch homes throughout the week, perhaps with one parent taking the beginning of the week (i.e. Sunday through Wednesday) and the other taking the remaining days. The latter plan will typically involve a switch-off, where the child may spend four days with one parent one week, and then three with that same parent on the following week.

The Potential Pros of a Shared Parenting Plan 

At their core, shared parenting plans are designed to ensure the child has ample time with each parent. Studies have shown that this can be highly beneficial for the child’s overall growth and development - and not just during the divorce, but in the years to follow. Families with shared parenting plans also tend to have better communication, overall, because the plan itself requires a great deal of cooperation. Of course, not all parents can communicate in such a way after their divorce, and that can lead to complications down the road. 

The Potential Cons of a Shared Parenting Plan

Because communication can be difficult after a divorce, parents in a shared parenting plan may need to get creative about how they will exchange information and coordinate child exchanges. Sadly, such efforts can take time to perfect. Moreover, the possibility of a toxic situation can cancel out any potential benefits of a shared parenting plan. Lastly, if there is an element of abuse - either against the child or one of the parents - a shared parenting plan may become dangerous and damaging to the child, both immediately and in the long run. 

Our Wheaton Divorce Attorneys Can Help with Your Shared Parenting Plan

If your family is considering a shared parenting plan in divorce, contact Davi Law Group, LLC for skilled legal assistance. Our seasoned DuPage County family law attorneys can examine your situation and help you decide whether a 50-50 parenting time split may be beneficial or workable in your situation. We can then help you examine all of your other possible options and assist you in developing a parenting plan that can benefit your entire family. Call 630-580-6373 today.


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