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Why Does Establishing Paternity Matter?

 Posted on February 13, 2024 in Paternity

IL family lawyerIf you are an unmarried father who wants parental rights, it is important that you establish paternity. While it is a fairly simple procedure at the time of the child’s birth, that is not always an option. If not, there are ways for you to establish paternity after the child is born. If you are a single father in Illinois who wants to establish your paternity, an experienced Wheaton, IL paternity attorney can explain what is involved and help you figure out how to proceed.

Parentage in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, a woman giving birth is automatically and legally considered the child’s mother. If she is married to a man at the time of birth, her husband is automatically and legally considered the baby’s father. When the parents of a baby are not married at the time of birth, it is less straightforward for the father. He is not automatically recognized as such and will need to establish his paternity, meaning he needs to prove that he is the child’s father.

Paternity holds a lot of significance. On the one hand, the mother can depend on some support, whether financial or otherwise, from the father. On the other hand, once he is legally recognized as the child’s parent, the father is eligible for parental rights and parental responsibilities and can have legally mandated visitation with the child as well as the ability to weigh in on important decisions that affect the child.

If parentage is established, it can also greatly benefit the child, who will then have legal access to the father’s medical records, which can include vital information relevant to the child. Additionally, the child can be eligible for inheriting any death benefits (insurance policies, pension funds, social security, etc.) in the father’s name in the event of a death.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a DuPage County, IL Paternity Lawyer

If you are a father and you were not married at the time your child was born, you need to establish your paternity in order to protect your parental rights, commit to upholding your parental responsibilities, and allow the child to be eligible for any legal benefits in the future. A knowledgeable Wheaton, IL paternity attorney can explain why this might be a good idea for you and guide you through the process. At Davi Law Group, we offer free consultations, so please call 630-657-5052 to schedule yours.

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