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The Kinds of Divorce

Posted on in Divorce
Most people have a good idea of what a divorce is, but it can be as diverse as the types of people involved.  Sometimes children are the main focus of a divorce while exes sort out custody and support.  Other times the division of property takes a center stage, especially when large assets like businesses are involved.  There are also different types of divorce. At the basic level, a divorce is a legal proceeding which ends a marriage.  As Illinois is a no fault state, the grounds for divorce is merely the existence of irreconcilable differences.  There are also requirements that must be met such as a separation of at least 6 months.  But divorce has an opportunity of being much more. There are also religious divorces.  Each major religion has a specific ceremony that allows the person to remarry in the faith.  An annulment is the legal process that allows Catholics to remarry in the church.  In Judaism, the process is a GET or religious divorce which allows orthodox or conservative Jews to remarry. There are also psychological divorces.  This is when either one spouse or both can move on from the relationship. People who can’t take this step can drag out the divorce process for as long as possible.  While the legal process may be settled, sometimes exes can continue to fight about child custody, child support and other things that can be modified after the divorce decree. If you intend to seek a divorce from your spouse, it is important to understand everything at stake in a divorce.  It is a journey that begins with a filing at a local court but the actual process may take years after the final court date.  If divorce is the best option for you and your family, please contact an experienced divorce attorney in DuPage County. Image Courtesy of: Freedigitalphotos.net
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