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Wheaton parenting time attorneysDivorce can bring out the worst in people - and that includes parents. Unfortunately, the stakes of divorce tend to be higher when there are children involved. They can suffer from maladjustment issues, a strained relationship with their parents, and even poor academic performance when the proceedings are not carefully managed.

Thankfully, there are tools and resources that parents can use to mitigate such issues during a divorce, even if the parents themselves cannot seem to get along. Learn more with help from the following sections. 

Start with a Solid Co-Parenting Plan 

The first step to protecting your child in a divorce is ensuring you have a solid co-parenting plan, moving forward. Determine how often your child will be with you, and how often they will be their other parent. Also, consider matters like who will drop your child off at school. Who will pick them up? Who can provide the best accommodations of your child over the weekend? Holidays, birthdays, and summers with your child should also be carefully considered. 

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Wheaton parenting time attorneysThanks to studies and real-life families, shared parenting plans are on the rise. In fact, several states have introduced bills that would make a 50-50 parenting time split the starting point in all divorces - but is this trend appropriate for every family? Consider the following pros and cons of a shared parenting plan, and learn how our seasoned divorce lawyers can help you in deciding whether one may be right for your family. 

What is a Shared Parenting Plan?

Shared parenting plans typically involve a near-equal split of the child’s time. Some families switch off weekly, with one parent having the child for a week and then the other. In other shared parenting plans, the child may switch homes throughout the week, perhaps with one parent taking the beginning of the week (i.e. Sunday through Wednesday) and the other taking the remaining days. The latter plan will typically involve a switch-off, where the child may spend four days with one parent one week, and then three with that same parent on the following week.

The Potential Pros of a Shared Parenting Plan 

At their core, shared parenting plans are designed to ensure the child has ample time with each parent. Studies have shown that this can be highly beneficial for the child’s overall growth and development - and not just during the divorce, but in the years to follow. Families with shared parenting plans also tend to have better communication, overall, because the plan itself requires a great deal of cooperation. Of course, not all parents can communicate in such a way after their divorce, and that can lead to complications down the road. 

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Illinois parenting time attorneysChildren, although seen as resilient, can suffer greatly during a divorce. Thankfully, attentive and loving parents can ease the transition to improve their child’s outcome. Learn more about how to help your child cope during your impending Illinois divorce, and discover how a seasoned attorney can ease the process so that you have more time to focus on your child’s needs.

Place Your Child’s Interests at the Forefront 

Loving parents are generally pretty attentive to the needs and well-being of their children, but during a divorce, life can feel pretty out of sorts. Add in a dose of guilt, depression, or even just the stress that a divorce may cause, and it is easy to see why parents sometimes lose sight of what might be best for their kids. Parents may also become preoccupied with “winning” the divorce - and not necessarily because they want to get even with their spouse. Some simply struggle with the idea of splitting the time they have with their children. 

To avoid such issues in your divorce, start by first examining your situation, rather than your feelings. Consider what your child needs most. Is it stability? Perhaps they would adjust best if allowed to stay in their current neighborhood, rather than having to move and change schools. Now consider which parent may be able to best meet your child’s daily needs. Now consider how you ensure your child has their other needs met - specifically time and a connection with the parent that cannot meet their daily needs. Use all of this as a foundation for your parenting plan. 

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Wheaton family law attorneysDivorce may end a marriage, but it does not end the co-parenting relationship between a couple. In fact, children of divorce tend to fare best when both of their parents work together to protect the child’s best interests - and not just immediately after the divorce, but also as the child grows and their needs change. Back-to-school season is a good time to reexamine a child’s situation and consider if changes to the parenting plan may be in order. Learn more in the following sections, and discover how a seasoned, competent family law attorney can assist you with the process. 

Putting Your Child’s Needs First 

It is normal for parents to be protective of their time with a child; they grow up fast. Yet, it is critical that divorced couples consider and attempt to meet their child’s needs in every way possible. Part of this is because studies have shown that divorce does not necessarily create problems for children. Instead, children tend to experience poorer outcomes (i.e. struggling with relationships as an adult, poor academic performance, behavioral issues, etc.) when there is a great deal of contention between the parents. You and your spouse can protect your child from such outcomes by placing the needs of your child over your own wishes and desires. 

Growing Children and Changing Needs

The needs of all children change as they grow older - homework demands get bigger, school start times change, and they often become involved in more activities. Those changes can be even more difficult to manage when the child’s needs are being met in two separate homes and they have two different schedules to follow. Parents can help their child by considering what may benefit the child most. 

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Illinois parenting time lawyersAlthough divorce can negatively impact all involved parties, children are considered especially vulnerable when a separation occurs. Factors like contention between the parents, parental alienation, or financial losses that may occur during the divorce can further increase the risk of long-term complications for kids. Thankfully, there are things that parents can do to mitigate the issues for their children. Learn more in the following sections, and discover how a seasoned divorce lawyer can assist you in the process. 

Understanding the Risks (and Their Causes) for Children of Divorce

Divorce is a process that involves the separating of parents. Children tend to experience a lot of negative emotion because they have little say or control over the process. That can create a whole host of issues, such as anxiety (including separation anxiety), depression, a lack of interest in their social life or extracurricular activities, and trouble concentrating or performing at school. If not addressed, these issues can plague children for the rest of their lives. Moreover, studies have found that children of divorce are more likely to experience trouble with the law, and they may struggle more to maintain long-term intimate relationships as adults. 

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