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Illinois Record Child Support Ruling SettledA child support case where a Cook County judge ruled that a woman was due $2.3 million from her ex-husband and his employer was recently settled out of court with a settlement listed to be $299,000. This case centers around Scott Bos, the father of the children, and his employer at Country Chevrolet where he was a finance manager. Bos was supposed to pay child support to his ex-wife Lisa Watson and Country Chevrolet was supposed to withhold those payments from his paycheck as per a court order that was entered. However, Country Chevrolet refused to withhold the payments from Bos’ checks and argued that he was an independent contractor instead of an employee and therefore they could not withhold the money. The judge disagreed and sided with Watson finding that Country Chevrolet had a duty to withhold the money from Bos’ check.

How Did the Amount Get So High?

It is important to note that the main defendant was Country Chevrolet and they were responsible for the vast majority of the money awarded to Watson. In 2002 Watson and Bos


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DuPage County child support attorneys, withholding child supportA non-custodial parent may refuse to pay child support. He or she may cite reasons for not complying with child support orders such as concerns regarding how the payments are utilized by the custodial parent or a lack of visitation. Unfortunately, this is an common issue.

If you are a non-custodial parent and are required to pay child support by a court, then it is important to understand that your duty to pay child support is not tied to your visitation or custody rights. In other words, you may not withhold child support, even if your former spouse is unjustly denying you visitation or parenting time. In fact, it is possible that a non-custodial parent may be required to pay child support yet does not have custodial or visitation rights. 

In Illinois, the law regarding child support is focused on the best interests of the child, not the parent. Additionally, Illinois requires non-custodial parents to provide financial support to the custodial parents—children have the right to receive care and support from their parents. The parental responsibility to provide this care does not end because a marriage or relationship is over. If a non-custodial parent withholds or fails to pay child support, the Illinois department of child support services can assist the custodial parent in receiving support. 


NOTE: As of July 2017, the law governing child support in Illinois has changed. Please see our Child Support page for more information.

DuPage County child support lawyer, garnishment of wages, wage garnishmentIn the state of Illinois, court-ordered child support is usually collected through your employer. The paycheck that your employer gives you will already have the garnishment taken out of it. If you are supporting one child, 20 percent of your pay will be withheld, and if you are supporting two children, 28 percent will go to them. For three or more children, the proportions of your pay that are garnished increases, up to a maximum of 50 percent.

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