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Illinois divorce lawyersIn the do-it-yourself culture of today, it comes as no surprise that one can easily research divorce online. If one so desires, they may also fill out and print state-specific forms and file them with the court, pro se (without an attorney). Sadly, many parties who pursue such options end up learning a hard and expensive lesson: divorce should not be a “DIY project.”

The Dangers of a DIY Divorce

DIY divorces come in all shapes and sizes. Some offer to complete the paperwork for you, while others simply offer advice to help you fill out the forms yourself. Either way, you are taking a major risk. Few of these options are state-specific, and that can make a significant difference in the division of your marital estate – especially in Illinois, where assets are distributed equitably, rather than equally. Of special concern are large assets, such as the family home, and retirement accounts, which can be exceptionally difficult to divide without assistance.

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DuPage County divorce attorneys, unallocated child supportChild support and spousal maintenance are two of many considerations in an Illinois divorce, and the financial obligations included in a final decree will vary based upon the unique circumstances of the parties involved. When a divorcing couple can agree to certain support issues, there are tax benefits that the couple can take advantage of by structuring payments in a certain way. An arrangement termed “unallocated” child support is attractive to both parties. Speak with an Illinois divorce attorney with experience in tax matters to see if it is an option for you.

Default Rules on Spousal and Child Support

Spousal support, commonly termed alimony, is paid by the spouse in a higher income bracket to the individual with a lower income; the intent behind spousal support is to ensure that person enjoys a similar lifestyle after the divorce as compared to when the couple shared a household. Under federal law, the payor spouse can deduct alimony payments when filing individual income tax returns. However, child support falls under a different set of tax laws and is not deductible from the payor parent’s income taxes.

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DuPage County divorce lawyers, divorce mythsIt may seem like there are “experts” all around you when you share that you are considering divorce. Friends, family, neighbors, and others without a legal background will tell you all about their own experiences. However, it is important to take their advice with a grain of salt: You should only trust a qualified Illinois divorce attorney with these types of proceedings to ensure protection of your legal rights. Look out for some of the most common myths about divorce and steer clear of taking any action based on misinformation.

You Must Win the Race to the Courthouse

There is no advantage if you are the first to file for divorce; both spouses to a marriage have equal rights and obligations under Illinois law. The first spouse to file is not called a “plaintiff” in divorce cases and there are no negative connotations due to the other not being called a “defendant.” The person who initiates the divorce is termed the petitioner and the other is the respondent.

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DuPage County divorce lawyers, Illinois divorce attorneyIf you are planning to file for divorce in Illinois and have already set up an appointment with a lawyer, you have made a wise decision. Having an experienced attorney on your side ensures protection of your legal rights throughout the divorce process. You can take another step in the right direction by being prepared for the meeting because you will gain the most out of the consultation when you know what to expect. While every case is different, here is a checklist of some of the items you may discuss with an Illinois divorce attorney during your initial appointment.

Issues Related to Children 

If you have minor children, you should discuss your current situation and potential plans for raising them post-divorce. Of critical importance to a court is the parental responsibilities and decision-making, living arrangements, and financial support. However, there are other factors to consider, such as tax implications and planning for college. Many of these issues will be addressed in a parenting plan that you must file in court within 120 days of filing your case. Therefore, make sure your lawyer is aware of all issues related to children.

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 DuPage County divorce attorneys, divorce and substance abuseDivorce is one of the most turbulent times anyone may experience. It can drain a person both emotionally and financially. As unpleasant as divorce can be, there are many factors that further complicate the decision to initiate a divorce. These factors include fear about splitting assets, child custody disputes, and determining alimony payments. Factoring in a spouse with a substance abuse problem can make the decision to divorce more difficult than usual.

Factors to Consider

When considering whether or not to divorce a spouse with a substance abuse problem, many emotions may begin to surge. Many spouses feel guilty and feel that they are abandoning their partner. However, there are several factors you will want to consider when making a decision about your marriage and how to deal with your spouse’s addiction. These factors include:

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