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Wheaton child custody lawyersParties who go through a divorce often attend therapy or join a support group to help them cope with the process, but children rarely go through the same type of counseling because they are seen as “resilient.” Alternatively, parents may assume that their child is not suffering any ill effects from the divorce because they are not displaying any symptoms at that time. Sadly, this may not be the case. Learn more about how divorce counseling can help reduce the chances of maladjustment in children experiencing divorce, and discover how a seasoned divorce lawyer can further minimize their risks. 

Kids and Divorce - Understanding the Risks

Although it is true that many children do eventually recover from the emotional trauma of divorce, and only a small percentage suffer serious ill effects, there are some pretty significant risks that parents should know about. Perhaps the most notable is the risk of juvenile delinquency among children of divorce, which can impact children of almost any age and even years after the divorce has ended. Many children also suffer academically, and they may withdraw from their social circles or stop participating in extracurricular activities. Studies also suggest that children may be at an increased risk of relationship issues later in life, and their immune system may take a serious hit because of the stress, which can make them more prone to illness as an adult. 

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parenting classIf you have been ordered to take a parenting class by a judge, it does not mean anyone thinks you are a bad parent.  In Illinois, every person with a minor child who is involved in a divorce, custody, visitation, or paternity case is required by the Illinois Supreme Court to participate in a parenting class. If the thought of taking a class on parenting skills sounds intimidating, hopefully this quick overview of the process will help ease your concern.

The Caring, Coping and Children Program (CCC)

In DuPage County, the mandatory in-class parenting class that may be ordered by the court is called the Caring, Coping and Children Program (CCC). The CCC class is a one-time, four-hour seminar designed to build and enhance not only parent/child relationships, but also co-parent relationships. According to the Family Center page of DuPage County’s website, the course “encourages parents to develop a way to relate to each other that keeps children out of conflict” and “emphasizes the need for parents to set aside personal differences in order to provide the healthiest environment for children.”

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moving child out of stateWhether there is an ongoing custody battle or you and child’s other parent have a long and settled co-parenting relationship, issues may arise regarding attempts to take children out of Illinois. Understanding and abiding by rules set forth in Illinois law can help ensure you do not lose the chance to spend time with your kids.

Vacation Rules

Be sure to look at your own parenting agreement to determine specific rules regarding your right to take your child out of the state on vacation. There is likely a passage in the agreement regarding what to do when you wish to take the child on vacation out of state. Generally, the parent wishing to take the child on vacation needs to give the other parent notice of where they will be going and the trip details. Critical details include an address and telephone number where the child can be reached during the vacation, as well as the date upon which the child will be back in Illinois. In most cases, a parent will not need to petition the court to take a child on vacation out of state so long as the other parent is sufficiently informed.

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custody determinationsIn matters of divorce and child custody, it is safe to say that things can get messy fast. The process of dissolving a marriage and making visitation schedules for minor children can bring up many emotions from all parties involved, and may bring out some less than admirable qualities in people. While ex-spouses likely have their own issues to address in the divorce process, attempting to come to an agreement about child custody matters usually brings up a whole other set of issues to address.

When a couple cannot reach an agreement about custody of their children and visitation schedules, the matter is brought before the court and a judge is asked to make the custody determination. Parents’ wishes are certainly made known, through them or their attorneys, but what about the minor children involved? In some cases, perhaps the court never hears their point of view, but in others, they make their wishes clear about which parent they want to live with and how they wish to spend their time with each parent. The question is, how much weight does the court give to a child’s wishes in a custody matter?

Making Custody Determinations

Illinois law sets out a list of factors for the court to consider in making custody decisions. The list is relatively long but not exhaustive, meaning it allows for judges to consider other relevant factors according to the facts of a specific case. As a result, judges who hear custody cases enjoy wide discretion when making a decision, which must adhere to the best interest of the child standard.

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Illinois family programThere are many children across the United States who are in need of a home. Whether this is accomplished through adoption, foster care, or some other type of living arrangement, many children benefit from having a safe and stable living environment. Illinois has previously established a program in which youths can be matched up with families who are willing to open up their homes to them in order to provide them with shelter and care. Now, according to a recently published news article, other states are taking Illinois’ lead and using the program as a model to implement their own such program.

Safe Haven

The state of Oregon used Illinois’ example as a lead in implementing a shelter program aimed at providing youths with a stable home environment. Such programs match stable host families with kids who are at risk for homelessness because their own home lives are affected by drugs, alcohol, abuse, or other troubles. The purpose of the program is to intervene in the lives of at-risk kids before they reach the point of homelessness or become the victims of abuse.

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