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paying for college tuition, DuPage County family law lawyersIf you are a divorced parent in Illinois, and your child is nearing adulthood, you may be wondering what your financial obligations will be after he or she turns 18. Under Illinois law, if you are currently ordered to pay child support, you may  also be responsible for covering a portion of your child’s educational expenses. Educational expenses can include post-high school costs, during the period before your child obtains his or her bachelor’s degree.

More often than not, judges entering divorce judgements for couples reserve the decision of college expenses, postponing it until the children grow older. This is because circumstances can change significantly during the time that passes until the children are ready to graduate from high school.

If that time has come, and you need to pin down how much each parent will contribute to the children’s higher education, you may need to return to court with your ex-spouse. First, you will need to file a petition seeking these expenses from your ex in an Illinois court. Until you file this petition, you will not be able to get reimbursed for any educational bills, so the earlier you begin the process, the more likely it is that your ex-spouse will contribute his or her fair share. There are exceptions to this general rule, and if you have incurred expenses already it is certainly worth consulting with an experienced family lawyer to see if an exception may apply to your circumstances.

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DuPage County divorce attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer, divorce lawyer, attorneyIf you are considering divorce, you may have several concerns regarding the process, including the prospect of hiring a divorce attorney. Some may be tempted to attempt the process without representation. However, doing so may prove to have several drawbacks and will likely affect the outcome of your case.

Drawbacks and Dangers

Divorce usually involves a large amount of legal documents and complicated paperwork that needs to be read and sorted through. The task can not only be an unpleasant one, but also one that not everyone is qualified to handle. At the outset, a divorce case may seem straightforward, but things can very easily take a wrong turn and become much more involved, leaving the unrepresented in way over their heads. Those parties who choose not to hire an attorney can also cause the whole process of divorce to move much slower than it otherwise would, frustrating the judge and other parties involved.

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order of protection, restraining order, domestic abuse, domestic violence, family lawyerDomestic violence is a serious issue that plagues many more people than some realize. When a person thinks about domestic violence, it is usually within the context of a romantic relationship, but the legal definition expands beyond those terms. For those who are the victims of such violence, protection is available and can be legally enforced.

Domestic Violence

Although the majority of domestic violence cases likely occur between two people who are or were romantically involved, there are other situations that also give rise to domestic violence according to law, and they deserve attention as well. In order to have a request for an order of protection granted, the person must demonstrate that they are the victim of domestic violence. For this purpose, the law defines domestic violence as:

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juvenile crime, juvenile sex offender, DuPage County family law, family lawyer, IllinoisMany people can undoubtedly relate to a situation in which they have made a poor decision as a juvenile. Though the activities associated with poor judgment as adolescents may vary in degree and seriousness, most individuals involved in such a situation usually see the error of their ways, learn, and move on. Others are not as lucky. In fact, some of those juveniles seem to deal with the consequences of a bad decision for the rest of their lives. One such situation involves juveniles who are required to register as sex offenders.

The Troubling Statistics

A study recently released by the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission states that the requirement for juveniles to register as sex offenders interferes with the juvenile’s efforts at rehabilitation and punishes them for a crime that the majority never commit again. The Commission is recommending banning the practice of adding juveniles’ names to sex offender registries who are under the age of 17. Currently, all juveniles convicted of sex crimes are required to register, and 70 percent of them must do so for life.

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marriage license, Illinois, same sex marriage, same-sex marriage, gay marriage, new law, Illinois lawThe issue of same-sex marriage has been a frequent topic in the news in recent years. Both federal courts and state courts have made decisions regarding its legality over the last few years, with several states, including Illinois, deciding to make gay marriage legal and issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Now, it is suggested that Illinois may start issuing marriage licenses sooner than expected.

Counties in Illinois Issuing Same-sex Marriage Licenses

This week, Champaign County in Illinois started to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The decision to do so came after a federal judge in Cook County ruled that same-sex couples in that county did not have to wait until this summer to obtain a marriage license, when the new gay marriage law will take effect in the state of Illinois. Cook County was the first county to issue such licenses, and now McLean County is set to follow suit next week, making it the third county in the state to make the same decision.

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