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How Will Gifts be Treated during a Divorce?

During a dissolution of marriage in Illinois, a court will approve a settlement agreement that provides for an equitable distribution of assets. Usually, this means that any marital assets or property owned jointly by the spouses must be divided equally. Non-marital assets, or property that belongs solely to one spouse, will remain the property of that spouse and generally will not affect the way the marital property is divided. Exceptions can be made when an equal division of marital assets would be extremely unfair to one spouse, for example, when the other spouse has a disproportionately larger amount of assets.

Marital vs. Non-Marital

When classifying assets as either marital or non-marital, one of the clearer rules under Illinois law is that gifts to one spouse are presumed to be non-marital property. This presumption provides only a default starting position, however. It can be rebutted or shown to be otherwise with evidence and testimony in court.

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