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Wheaton divorce attorneysDivorce is a highly complex process with several moving parts, and the cost of a mistake can be devastating. Because of this, it is highly recommended that all parties seek the guidance and assistance of a seasoned legal attorney during their divorce case. 

Having legal assistance during divorce does not eliminate the need to understand the steps of divorce, however. In fact, those who are informed about the process tend to fare better in their cases. This is partly due to their ability to make sound decisions throughout the process. Learn more in the following sections, and discover how our skilled attorneys can help.

Preparation and Determining if You Qualify 

One of the most critical steps in an Illinois divorce is preparation - and determining if you even qualify. In these moments, you will find an attorney to represent you, gather financial documents, and perhaps even create a post-divorce budget to help you achieve your financial goals. 

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Wheaton divorce attorneysA divorce significantly impacts your relationship, but it will equally affect your financial status. Before delving into the dissolution of marriage, get your finances in order. While it is wise and efficient to do this together, it is not always possible. Regardless, it is essential that your financial status is preserved.

Understanding Uncontested and Contested Divorce

First, it is imperative that you understand the difference between an uncontested and contested divorce.

  • Uncontested: The uncontested divorce is where each party is in mutual agreement of the terms of the divorce. 
  • Contested: When the two parties cannot agree on the terms, the divorce is contested.

You probably have a good idea of whether your divorce will be uncontested or contested. Now that you understand contested and uncontested divorce, you can start compiling documents and get your finances in order through the following steps.

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DuPage County divorce lawyersDivorce is not a decision that comes easily. In fact, most people spend months, sometimes even years contemplating whether divorce is the next best step in their life. Regardless of where they are in the decision-making process, it is important that parties take immediate steps to protect their wealth and future well-being. At worst, the divorce never happens and they gain a better understanding of their finances and emotional health. At best, they are prepared and well-situated for the road ahead, which can increase the chances of a favorable outcome in their Illinois divorce. 

Start Paying Attention to Your Finances 

Although many couples share a bank account, credit card, and other debts, not everyone is aware of their family’s finances. For example, you may know about how much you and your spouse earn each month, but are you up-to-date on the amount in your spouse’s retirement account? Are there any undisclosed debts that your spouse may not have discussed with you? Do you know what monthly bills are associated with the home, and which are personal expenditures? What is the worth of any businesses, stocks, bonds, or real estate held in either your name or your spouse’s? 

These details, and many others, are necessary to know - not just during the divorce process, but also as you plan and prepare for your life after a divorce. Monitor this information. Track expenses and obtain copies of any financial documents you can find. Store them in a safe and secure place until you meet with an attorney, and above all else, do not let your spouse know you are preparing for the divorce process. Otherwise, money or important financial information could start to disappear. Should this occur, the overall cost of your divorce could significantly increase. 

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Illinois divorce lawyersIf you have a friend going through a divorce, science says you could be next. Why is this, and what do you need to know before moving forward? The following information explains, and it provides you with some important details on how a seasoned divorce lawyer can help improve the overall outcome in your Illinois divorce case. 

Is Divorce “Contagious?”

Although divorce shares very little with the common cold, scientists say it could be just as “contagious.” Researchers from Harvard University, Brown University, and the University of California at San Diego conducted the largest study on the subject to date, and they found that having a divorced friend increases your chances of pursuing a divorce by 75 percent. Your risk also increases if a friend of a friend goes through a divorce - by about 33 percent.

Relationship experts say this phenomenon can be easily explained; misery loves company, so if a friend is complaining about their spouse, you are more likely to chime in and discuss your own issues. Then, if that friend divorces, you may witness them going through temporary relief, and potentially even a little bit of a high when they pursue new relationships. That can look pretty appealing when your own marriage feels stale. Conversely, if your marriage has been rocky for a while, you may envy your friend’s newfound freedom and want to seek it out yourself.

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Illinois divorce lawyersDeciding to file for divorce is not an easy decision, and the common myths about divorce rarely make it any easier. For example, a couple that still cares for one another may fear divorce because they believe it will ruin the friendship they still have. Alternatively, fathers may be afraid to file for divorce because they think they will not receive a fair amount of time with their children. Thankfully, these common divorce myths could not be further from the truth.

Illinois is Not a 50-50 State

Perhaps one of the most common divorce myths in Illinois is that assets are divided equally, right down the middle. While this may be the case in other states, Illinois is an equitable distribution state – not an equal one. Essentially, this means that assets are divided “fairly.” What is fair, exactly? That is typically determined by looking at some specific guidelines, such as the duration of the marriage and the contributions of each spouse. From there, couples can either agree upon a “fair” distribution in negotiation, or they can take the matter to court.

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