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Illinois divorce lawyersDivorce can be a costly endeavor, which is why parties are usually encouraged to plan and save for the process. Of course, if you are not the one who files, you may not have such a privilege. Instead, your spouse may catch you completely off-guard, with little to no resources at your disposal. What can you do to ensure you still have access to seasoned legal representation in such a situation? The following information explains. 

Avoid Discount and DIY Divorce Options

The internet is full of information on discount and do-it-yourself divorce options, but these methods can have a lasting and negative impact on the outcome of your case. It is also important to realize that everything from your financial well-being to the amount of time you receive with your children can be affected.

Begin Your Search for a Divorce Attorney

Since discount and DIY divorce methods are not viable options, there is only one option left to consider: hire an attorney. Just be sure to avoid the trap that many disadvantaged spouses fall into when they hire a lawyer; never hire based on cost alone. Instead, ask for referrals from friends and search for reviews online. Then, when you have narrowed your choices down, start scheduling consultations. Share the details of your case with them and listen carefully to their responses. Are they in-tune with your needs and concerns? Do they seem pre-occupied with winning the case, or are they supportive of your desires to negotiate or settle fairly? 

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Illinois divorce lawyersAlthough divorcing parties in Illinois are not required to obtain legal assistance, many find that their outcomes are improved with it. Of course, having an attorney during your divorce means you must first choose the one that most closely fits your wants and needs. Learn how to do this, and discover how the specific details of your divorce may impact your decision, with help from the following information.

Consider What Type of a Divorce You Want

Before you hire a divorce lawyer, it is important to know what type of divorce you would like to pursue. More specifically, would your case be better served through mediation, collaborative divorce, or litigation? Each works differently, and the role of your attorney will change, depending on which option seems most appropriate for your situation. Furthermore, the type of attorney you need may change, depending on the preferred divorce course. As an example, parties may want to search for a divorce lawyer with extensive litigation experience if the marriage has a history of domestic violence or asset hiding.

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invalid marriage, DuPage County divorce attorneysIt is possible for a marriage to be considered invalid under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. When this is the case, a couple may end their marriage through a process known as annulment. Annulments are different from divorces for multiple reasons, the most important of which is that a couple's marriage must somehow violate the laws outlined in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

It is important to contact an experienced divorce attorney to begin the annulment process. Annulments, like divorces, must go through the court system and be finalized by a judge. The process of completing an annulment is known as nullification.

Annulment vs. Divorce

The fundamental difference between a divorce and an annulment is simple: when a couple gets divorced, they complete the legal process of ending a valid marriage. The couple is eligible to divide their jointly-owned property and the lesser-earning spouse may seek spousal maintenance from his or her former partner. With an annulment, the couple's marriage is legally considered to never have happened. This precludes the couple from dividing their property and seeking spousal maintenance in many cases.

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divorce, life after divorce, stress, DuPage County family law attorneys, Illinois divorce lawyerThe breakdown of a couple’s marriage is usually a difficult experience to endure. Divorce can involve a total lifestyle change for those involved, not to mention the many feelings and emotions that it can bring up. A recent article suggests ways to cope with the unsettling and painful feelings that often accompany divorce.

Moving on After Divorce

One thing that most people probably agree on is that divorce is often hurtful, no matter the reasons or circumstances surrounding it. Divorce not only causes feelings of loss and disappointment, but also brings with it a disruption of routine and other relationships, as well as uncertainty about the future.

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cohabitation, divorce, marriage, Illinois divorce attorney, family law in DuPage CountyIn the past, conservative views about what constituted appropriate action on behalf of a couple prior to getting married dominated public opinion. Everything from living together to premarital sex was frowned upon. While some people may still hold these views to some extent, there has definitely been a shift in what couples are doing before getting married these days, and a new study says it’s not nearly as bad as many previously thought.

Cohabitation Before Marriage

A recently published article discussed not only the prevalence of cohabitation before marriage, but whether it has any real effect on the success of the marriage once it occurs. Over the last five decades, it is estimated that the rate of couples who live together before getting married has increased by about 900 percent. Two-thirds of marriages that occur today are between couples who have already lived together for 31 months, on average. Previous studies indicated that couples who lived together before marriage were 33 percent more likely to divorce than their counterparts who waited to live together until after the marriage ceremony took place.

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