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DuPage County family law attorneys, Illinois DCFS investigationsWhen you receive word that you are being investigated for child abuse allegations by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), it can seem like your world has been turned on its head. While there are plenty of horrific cases handled by DCFS, there are also many that are unfounded or simply a misunderstanding. If your matter falls within one of those categories, you are no doubt overwhelmed and distraught. Fortunately, you can fight the allegations and it is best to do so with an Illinois DCFS hearings lawyer by your side.

Call-in to the DCFS Hotline

Investigations into child abuse and/or neglect start with a call into the State Central Register Hotline, a call center in Springfield, IL, that is dedicated to dealing with child abuse situations. An employee for DCFS answers the call and takes information from the caller, in an attempt to determine whether the facts support the possibility of harm or risk of harm to a child. Anyone can make a call to the Hotline, including family members, friends, teachers, neighbors, and other individuals. After the DCFS staff member completes the call and necessary paperwork, he or she forwards the information to the agency county office where the child resides to officially initiate the investigation.


DuPage County family law lawyers, DCFS findingsIf you receive a notification involving child abuse allegations from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), it is important to understand your options if you want to contest the claims. The DCFS is entrusted with the protection of children and the agency takes investigations seriously, but you do have rights under the law. A DuPage County DCFS defense lawyer can provide more detail about your specific situation; however, answers to the more common questions may be useful.

What is a Notice of Indicated Finding?

Any person who comes into contact with your child may file a report with DCFS if he or she believes there has been abuse or neglect. The DCFS immediately begins an investigation into the allegations and will enter an “indicated finding” if there is credible evidence of abuse. You will receive a notification of an indicated finding and the information will also be reported to the State Central Register, where it will remain for anywhere from five to 50 years depending on the circumstances.

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