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interfaith divorceStudies show that interfaith marriages are happening much more frequently than in the past. With increasing interfaith marriages often, unfortunately, comes interfaith divorce. Although many aspects of divorce are the same regardless of the religions of the spouses, one particularly unique issue in interfaith divorce becomes the religion of the children.

Even if one of the spouses converts to the religion of the other prior to or during the marriage, it is not uncommon for that converting spouse to return to their original religion upon a divorce. This situation raises serious complications for the children of the divorce, even if the parents had previously agreed to raise their children in one particular belief system. Think of the following real world example:

Bob, raised Jewish, meets Sue, who was raised Catholic. Before marrying, Sue converts to Judaism. The two have three children, whom they agree to bring up Jewish. When the parents divorce years later, Sue returns to the Catholic religion. Soon, an issue develops as to what services the children are/are not allowed to attend on the weekend with their respective parents.

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moving child out of stateWhether there is an ongoing custody battle or you and child’s other parent have a long and settled co-parenting relationship, issues may arise regarding attempts to take children out of Illinois. Understanding and abiding by rules set forth in Illinois law can help ensure you do not lose the chance to spend time with your kids.

Vacation Rules

Be sure to look at your own parenting agreement to determine specific rules regarding your right to take your child out of the state on vacation. There is likely a passage in the agreement regarding what to do when you wish to take the child on vacation out of state. Generally, the parent wishing to take the child on vacation needs to give the other parent notice of where they will be going and the trip details. Critical details include an address and telephone number where the child can be reached during the vacation, as well as the date upon which the child will be back in Illinois. In most cases, a parent will not need to petition the court to take a child on vacation out of state so long as the other parent is sufficiently informed.

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child learning in schoolWhen a family is experiencing difficulty, very often the focus turns to the well-being of any children involved. Parents are likely concerned with how children cope with such situations and the chances they will emerge from such huge life changes relatively unscathed. While much evidence suggests that kids who go through their parents’ divorce can deal with the event successfully, certain factors, such as stability and support, must be in place in order to give them the best chances at doing so. In other situations, a difficult home life may directly contribute to challenges children face in their everyday lives, as is pointed out by a recently published article.

A New Approach

One area that may be significantly impacted when children are experiencing problems at home is in their learning at school. These problems can include anything from a parent’s unemployment, to violence, a marital separation or divorce. Each of these scenarios create unstable home environments that lead to challenges for children at home. Often, kids who are living under such circumstances have upsetting feelings about them which they may struggle with and which affects their behavior, therefore affecting their school day.

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co-parenting, divorce, children of divorce, life after divorce, Illinois divorce lawyerWhile a divorce decree may signal the end of the road for you and your ex-spouse as a couple, you will still remain in each other’s lives if there are children involved. Just because the marriage has been dissolved does not relieve either party of their parenting responsibility. Like it or not, there will still be shared parenting responsibilities with an ex-spouse and it is in the children’s best interest for their parents to work together amicably and efficiently.

Tips for Co-Parenting with an Ex-Spouse

It may be a challenge for parents to put personal issues and feelings aside to form a cordial relationship with their ex-spouse for the benefit of their shared children. However, divorced parents should look at this as a new start and always put their children’s need before their own.

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child support, remarriage, second marriage, step family, DuPgae County family lawAfter a divorce, it is common for the former spouse to pay child support, alimony or sometimes both. What happens when one spouse remarries? Remarriage can have an affect on the duration and amount of child support payments the custodial parent (the parent who has primary custody of the child) receives. Therefore, it is worth considering all of the legal consequences before entering into a new marriage.

How is Child Support Calculated in Illinois?

Child support laws are governed by the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. The Act describes specific child support guidelines that the courts must follow to determine how much child support must be paid to the custodial parent. Typically, the amount of child support is calculated by the non-custodial parent’s (the parent who does not have legal custody of the child) net income and the number of children he/she is responsible for. The court is also allowed to consider other factors such as:

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