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order of protection, restraining order, domestic abuse, domestic violence, family lawyerDomestic violence is a serious issue that plagues many more people than some realize. When a person thinks about domestic violence, it is usually within the context of a romantic relationship, but the legal definition expands beyond those terms. For those who are the victims of such violence, protection is available and can be legally enforced.

Domestic Violence

Although the majority of domestic violence cases likely occur between two people who are or were romantically involved, there are other situations that also give rise to domestic violence according to law, and they deserve attention as well. In order to have a request for an order of protection granted, the person must demonstrate that they are the victim of domestic violence. For this purpose, the law defines domestic violence as:

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LeeviDomestic violence is a major problem in the United States. According to studies sponsored by the National Institute of Justice, each year about 1.3 million women and 835,000 men experience domestic violence in relationships. If you or a family member has encountered domestic violence, you should take steps to protect yourself from the violence. A capable family law lawyer can assist you in obtaining legal protection against a violent spouse. There are a number of reasons for domestic violence, according to an article at Researchers have found several major risk factors and reasons for domestic abuse such as early parenthood, drinking problems, poverty, and ending a relationship.
  •  Early Parenthood. Women who become mothers at a young age are much more likely to become victims of domestic abuse than other women. In addition, men who become fathers at the age of 21 or under were over three times more likely to be abusers than men who had not fathered children at that age.
  •  Drinking Problems. Men who are heavy drinkers are at a higher risk for violent domestic behavior. Over two-third of the abusers who commit or attempt homicide were under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  •  Poverty. Extreme poverty increases the risk of domestic violence. On average, poor households have higher incidents of domestic violence. Furthermore, the reductions of aid to households tend to increase the likelihood of domestic violence.
  •  Ending a Relationship. A woman who attempts to leave her violent partner is at high risk of violence and homicide, and the partner’s violent behavior often comes with no warning.
If you or someone close to you has become a victim of domestic violence and would like to seek legal help, contact an experienced divorce attorney in Chicago at once.

StaciThe Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that 17-year-old rap star Keith Cozart, aka Chief Keef, has been sued for child support and other expenses related to the birth of a now 14-month-old child. The lawsuit seeks a current child support order from Chief Keef, as well as retroactive child support, health insurance coverage, medical expenses, daycare expenses, and attorney’s fees for the lawyer hired by the child’s mother. Keef reportedly signed an acknowledgement of parentage of the baby girl, who was born in November, 2011. The mother of the child is now also 17 years old. When contacted for comments, Keef’s representative did not return calls. Chief Keef recently released his first album, “Finally Rich,” that had been widely anticipated by the public. However, Keef has become notorious in recent months for his legal woes rather than his musical talent. Just last week, a Cook County judge sentenced Keef to 60 days in a juvenile detention facility for a probation violation. Keef had allegedly violated the terms of his probation stemming from a gun conviction by appearing in a music video holding a firearm. When a child is born out of wedlock, a father has the option of signing a document at the child’s birth acknowledging his paternity, or later undergoing DNA testing through a legal action to formally establish paternity. Once paternity is established, court orders such as child support, custody, and visitation can be established if requested by one or both parties. Even though Keef is currently incarcerated, he is only scheduled to be incarcerated for a relatively short period of time, which means that he is likely to be ordered to pay child support for this child in the near future. If you or a loved one is sued in a paternity or child support action, you need to ensure that you are aware of your legal rights and that appropriate orders are established. With the assistance of a skilled child support lawyer, you can ensure that your rights and interests are sufficiently protected.

People cite many different reasons for divorce. These reasons may include everything from infidelity, abandonment and even irreconcilable differences. However, a British woman may have one of the most unique reasons for seeking a divorce from her husband of several years. The 41 year old woman stated that her husband has a boring attitude toward sex and therefore serves as evidence of unreasonable behavior on his part. All of this came about after she read the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”. The woman states that she felt that her sex life was at a standstill so she did different things to try to get her husband interested. She did things such as buying lingerie to get his attention. Her latest request to him was that she would like to recreate some of the scenes that were written about in the aforementioned book. He refused and she is now seeking a divorce. She also stated that she had bought the books in a final effort to rekindle the fire between her and her husband. The husband is allegedly admitting to this unreasonable behavior so that a long divorce proceeding that can potential air all of the details of their sex life can be avoided. Filing for divorce can be embarrassing and even life changing, no matter what the situation or grounds for divorce happens to be. People have many different reasons for seeking the dissolution of the vows that were previously taken. If you find yourself in this type of situation, it is important to have an attorney there to represent your rights and interests. You may think that you do not need to retain an attorney in the case of an uncontested divorce, but this is not the case. An experienced Illinois divorce attorney will be able to evaluate your case and make sure that you get the fairest settlement possible.

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