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DuPage County family law attorneys, bifurcated divorce judgmentIn an overwhelming majority of cases, divorces are handled in one long proceeding. However, there are rare circumstances in which a case may be settled in parts. Bifurcated judgments are handed down by a court when there are obstacles to a single judgment that may not be resolved in the time available. Illinois courts do consider them, but the stakes must be high.

When is Bifurcation Appropriate?

Bifurcation is permitted under 750 ILCS 401(b), and is generally granted when “appropriate circumstances” exist. While this is, understandably, a nebulous term, it has somewhat been clarified by Illinois case law. Several different court cases have created non-exhaustive lists, but the general rule of thumb is that bifurcation is on the proverbial table when one spouse has a reason to want proceedings concluded quickly, and the reason does not unduly inconvenience or prejudice their soon-to-be ex-spouse.

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