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Signs of Divorce

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divorce, Illinois divorce lawyer, divorce trends, divorce rate, reasons for divorceIt is no secret that the divorce rate in the U.S. is high; almost half of all marriages will eventually end in divorce. Many couples make the mutual decision to divorce, while others try to save their marriage no matter the cost. However, if at least one person in the couple is thinking about divorce, it may indicate something is wrong with the relationship.

Six Signals Indicating Imminent Divorce

According to a recently published article, there are signals that are usually present to indicate a divorce may be imminent. Although there are likely many more, here are six of the the most common signs that a divorce may be in a couple’s future:

  1. No Conflict Resolution. Many believe that a lack of communication may hurt a marriage, but the real culprit may be the couple’s failure to effectively resolve conflicts. Successful couples find a way to resolve differences without damaging their relationship. Those who have not done so may try to avoid conflict, and essentially give up on trying to resolve differences. This leads to diminished mutual respect, distance between spouses, and gradual withdrawal.
  2. Emotional Disengagement. Being emotionally present is a minimum requirement for healthy intimacy between a couple. This includes discussing each other’s feelings as well as expressing an interest in the emotional well being of one another.
  3. Disaffection. If one is emotionally disengaged from their spouse, it usually causes a lack of affection, which in turn may lead to or be an indication of a loss of any feelings of love for the other person.
  4. Lack of Sex. A couple who is not having sex regularly is usually also experiencing an emotional disconnection. It is seen as another sign that the couple does not enjoy one another and their bond is damaged or completely broken.
  5. Increased Focus Outside the Marriage. People who are in empty marriages will often focus all of their attention on someone or something else, such as a child or their career, so that their time with their spouse is significantly limited. They seek emotional satisfaction outside the marriage, which increases the chances they will end up having an affair.
  6. Preparation for the Single Life. A spouse who is considering filing for divorce may take certain steps in preparing to be single. This can take make forms, from physically improving their appearance to building their career in order to be less financially dependent on their spouse or even taking up a new activity to build a new social circle.

Divorce Attorney

If you are considering or preparing for a divorce, it is important to consult with an experienced divorce attorney about your family. The lawyers at Davi Law Group, LLC have successful experience representing clients in divorce cases throughout the Chicago area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our offices are located in Chicago, Wheaton, and Warrenville.

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