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Signs a Divorce May Be Imminent

 Posted on October 12, 2023 in Divorce

Wheaton Family Law Attorney“Everything was great, then out of the blue it all changed.” How often have you heard this uttered from divorced couples’ mouths? Individuals such as these never imagined or saw how imminent their divorce was until it was too late. Perhaps you are in a similar situation or feel that things have started to change for the worse in your marriage. You are not alone. Couples are divorcing more and more every year and one of the major things to blame is not noticing the early warning signs.

A marriage is meant to be sacred and binding. However, not every married couple goes on to live happily ever after. With divorce being more common now than ever before, it is important to consult a divorce attorney to assess your situation and make sure you come out of it better in the end.

Understanding the Signs

Disagreements, obstacles, and challenges are just some of the things one should expect when entering the covenant of marriage. It is when communication breaks down, disrespect becomes a long-standing pattern, and intimacy falls by the wayside that you should begin to worry.

A Toxic and Disrespectful Attitude

Light teasing is common in a relationship and can sometimes even be fun. However, once those jokes start cutting a little too deep, they become less about laughter and more about contempt. Once you feel that you and your spouse are more laughing at one another’s expense rather than with one another, it could be a sign that your marriage is falling apart.

Disrespect can come in many forms in a marriage. A disregard for your partner’s needs, manipulating and controlling them into doing what you want, and gaslighting them into thinking the problem rests on their shoulders are common tactics from a callous spouse.

Mutual respect is necessary for a long and healthy marriage. Becoming insensitive or outright cruel can only lead to hardships, heartbreak, and the ultimate demise of your union.

Communication is Gone or Reached a Boiling Point

Being able to discuss anything and everything with your spouse is another foundational element to a long and healthy coupleship. Some relationships can start with a fiery back and forth over every little thing whereas others may be more quiet and caring at the onset. This depends entirely on the relationship’s personality and that of both participants. However, once the personality turns 180 degrees in the opposite direction, this should trigger an immediate red flag.

If the fighting stops altogether or begins to pick up to a fever pitch, it may be time to evaluate the relationship and address the problems with it. When the fighting stops, it usually indicates one or both of you have given up emotionally. The opposite could indicate intense frustration, resentment (especially if infidelity is involved), or even borderline hatred. Recognizing this sign early could help you avoid the potential for domestic violence down the road.

No More Intimacy of Any Kind

Where once words of affirmation were produced without provocation, they have since been replaced with distance and a cold heart. Sex is now infrequent or completely absent, and the thought of your future no longer has a place for your partner. Intimacy is a core component of keeping the spark in a marriage alive and burning. Once it is removed from the equation, it can be hard to look at your significant other in the same light.

Even something as simple as holding hands, cuddling, or physical and emotional comfort of any kind, once lost, can make a marriage feel hollow. When the needs of a partner are deliberately not being met, it can cause a rift that may be irreparable. Even just a simple act of kindness could see an otherwise unlit candle regain its spark. Without it, you are likely to feel no different than two roommates who tolerate each others’ presence because you feel you have very little choice.

Contact a DuPage County, IL Divorce Attorney

No matter how broken a marriage seems, there is always potential to reconcile and rebuild. For those who feel it is hopeless, a skilled Naperville, IL divorce attorney can help guide you through the messiness that divorce can bring. The Davi Law Group is efficient and compassionate in divorce cases and will strive for a fair and equitable outcome. Contact our office at 630-657-5052 for a free consultation.

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