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Shared Parenting Plans Are Becoming More Popular – Could a 50-50 Split Work for Your Family?

Posted on in Child Custody

DuPage County family law attorneysFamily courts have favored the mother in divorce proceedings for more than a century, partly because they have always been considered the “natural caregivers” of children. Times are changing, however, and more families using a shared parenting plan model that provides both parents with adequate time with their child. Learn how to determine if this parenting plan model may be appropriate for your family, and discover how an experienced attorney can help to ensure the best interests of your child are preserved throughout the entire legal process.

Understanding the Shared Parenting Plan Trend

During the 1950s and 60s, more women began to enter the workforce. That was when divorce laws started to change, offering no-fault options in some states and protecting what the courts considered to be the “best interests” of the child across the U.S. However, to really understand what was in a child’s best interests, the courts had to begin looking at cold, hard facts.

Science was already starting to show that children from a one-parent household were at a distinct disadvantage against their peers when it came to academics and mental health. Then studies began to reveal that fathers were just as critical in a child’s formative years. That, paired with the fact that more fathers are staying home as the primary caregiver, has proven that fathers are just as capable as mothers at raising and co-parenting children. Yet, the courts have not been all that supportive of dads. Instead, there are many judges from across the country continue to favor the mother, despite all evidence, because the gender bias still exists.

Tired of feeling like they are still being pushed to the side in divorce, some fathers have banned together to push for more equal rights in the courtroom. Meanwhile, there are families that are deciding to head scientific evidence by voluntarily adopting a shared parenting plan. Many split their time right down the middle. Others strive to accommodate everyone’s needs and schedules while still attempting to ensure that the child receives ample time with both parents. In both cases, the children often benefit, as do both parents.

Can a Shared Parenting Plan Work for Your Family?

Shared parenting plans are not appropriate for every situation. Examples could include families that are divorcing because of domestic violence or situations in which the child has been subjected to neglect or physical, emotional, mental abuse. An experienced attorney can examine your situation to help you determine what may be the most suitable parenting plan solution for your family. An attorney can also represent your child’s best interests, every step of the way.

At Davi Law Group, LLC, we prioritize the safety and best interests of children. No matter what your situation, we will strive for the most favorable outcome possible. Schedule your personalized consultation with our DuPage County divorce lawyers by calling 630-580-6373.



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