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Russia Stops Adoptions to USA Families

Posted on in Child Custody

Adoption is a beautiful process in which couples that are having difficulty conceiving their own children can experience raising a child.  It is a process that can also be difficult based on the emotions of birthparents and other mitigating factors.  On December 28th, Russian President Vladimir Putin made it more difficult for American parents looking to adopt orphans from Russia. This new legislation is expected to have far-reaching circumstances in the United States.  Last year, almost one thousand Russian orphans were adopted by American families.  While the number has been dropping over the last few years Russia is the third most popular country for Americans to adopt from, behind China and Ethiopia.  According to UNICEF, Russia has over 700,000 abandoned children searching for good homes. The law was seen to be a form of retaliation against a law which was signed by Barack Obama on December 14th 2012.  That bill was called the Magnitsky Act which was named after a Russian lawyer who exposed the largest tax fraud perpetrated in the history of Russia.  It’s America’s attempt to restrict travel and finances for people who are human rights abusers from Russia. While certain families are experiencing the heartbreak of losing their Russian children, there are still kids who need loving homes.  If you and your family are considering adopting an addition to your household, then it is important to have the direction of a legal professional.  Contact an experienced family law attorney in Wheaton who can assist you with this exciting time in your life.

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