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NFL Player Kwame Harris Charged With Domestic Violence

Posted on in Domestic Violence

Kwame Harris, former San Francisco 49ers right tackle, has been charged with felony domestic violence and assault charges for beating his former boyfriend, the Huffington Post reported on January 28. His trial will start in April. LeeviHarris, 30, had a fight with his boyfriend outside a Menlo Park restaurant in August. The boyfriend, Dimitri Geier, suffered many facial fractures in the fight and had to undergo surgery. Harris has been charged with domestic violence because he used to live with Geier and they had an on-and-off romantic relationship. “Whenever we move forward with charges, it's because we believe the evidence is sufficient,” Assistant District Attorney Al Serrato said. “Certainly the injuries are consistent with a serious assault.” Harris admits that he had a relationship with Geier, but claims that he hit Geier in self-defense. He had pleaded not guilty. According to his defense, it was Geier who started the fight and Harris had every right to defend himself. It was unfortunate that Geier got injured in the altercation. While a few former NFL players have come out as gay, none have done so while still actively playing. Harris, who was drafted by the 49ers in 2003, is open about his sexuality, but he is a private person who is not in the habit of talking about his personal life in public. Domestic violence affects both men and women alike regardless of their sexual orientation. Domestic abuse can have serious consequences for victims’ health and life. If you or someone you know has suffered because of domestic violence, you should get help immediately. Contact a dedicated Illinois divorce attorney today.

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