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New Marriage Documentary on HBO

Posted on in Divorce

marriage documentary HBOThe topic of marriage and divorce in everyday life may be more popular than one might think. Filmmaker Doug Block has completed a documentary titled “112 Weddings” set to air on Monday, June 30th on HBO. The film is dedicated to revisiting couples for whom Block shot wedding videos to inquire about the current status of their unions. The subject matter seems relevant to many people, as it is already getting the attention of some who were not even yet aware of the particular film.

The State of Marriage

The article recounts a woman who overheard Block talking about the concept of the film feeling compelled to begin a discussion with him about the state of her own marriage. It may be unsurprising and even expected that the subject of the film would capture many people’s attention, as many couples in marriages struggle to navigate them successfully. The concept of the film of looking backward and reflecting as opposed to hoping for the best in the future is particularly interesting.

Block said he got the idea for the film from picking up where most Hollywood movies leave off: with the bride walking down the aisle and slating the wedding as the couple’s “happily ever after.” The film revisits many couples at various stages in life and have experienced marriage in different ways. Some of the marriages examined in the film have ended in divorce, but not all them. One couple tells about their struggle in caring for a sick child. Another man held onto his marriage through his wife suffering from depression. The film also examines how job pressures and children take a toll on a marriage, and also how relationships change and shift over time. A total of 10 couples are focused on in the film, and one of them includes a couple preparing for marriage.


Block noted that the first couple he contacted, which was also the first wedding video he shot, had just filed for divorce the day before. Their wedding video may have given some indication that the marriage may be in trouble: the wife appeared to be much more excited than the husband, who ended up growing apart from her and finding someone new. What is rather counterintuitive, however, is that Block reported he had a harder time predicting couples that would last with the more weddings he shot.

The documentary had a number of other interesting revelations. All of the couples who participated were asked if they had married their soul mate, but none of them said yes. The film certainly shows that marriage is hard, but Block argues that is not a bad thing. He says that life brings up many challenges and conflicts, and it is how the couples deal with them that determines whether or not their marriage will be successful.

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