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Leaving an Abusive Marriage Can Be Dangerous - Protect Yourself with These Tips

Posted on in Domestic Violence

Illinois domestic violence lawyersWhen your dream of a happy marriage becomes a nightmare, it can be difficult to discern whether leaving is a good idea - especially since so many of the horror stories of abuse involve a woman trying to leave her abusive husband. Thankfully, there are protections available to abused women. Learn more about them in the following sections and discover some tips on keeping yourself safe while trying to leave an abusive marriage, including how a seasoned divorce lawyer can assist with the legal aspects of your case. 

Take Time to Adequately Prepare for the Separation 

Although there are circumstances in which you have to leave to ensure your safety, it is usually better if you take the time to adequately prepare for the separation, long before your spouse catches wind of your desire to leave. Start by saving your own money in a separate bank account. It is also recommended that you keep a copy of your driver’s license, social security, birth certificate, and banking information with a trusted party, such as a close friend or family member. If at all possible, try to also store clothing and personal items with this person, as it will ensure you have what you need if the relationship suddenly becomes more violent. 

Find a Safe Place Where Your Abuser Cannot Find You

The support of friends and family can be invaluable when attempting to leave an abusive partner, but going to a known place can actually increase your risk of future violence. As such, victims are encouraged to find a safe place where their abuser cannot find them. Shelters are always an option, but they are not the only ones. Perhaps you have a co-worker that your spouse has never met who would be willing to let you stay with them for a short while, or maybe you have a distant relative in another town. Wherever you decide to go, ensure your spouse does not have any way of tracking you down. You may also want to create a false trail for them to track, as this can buy you some time if they try to come looking for you. 

Our DuPage County Divorce Lawyers Can Provide You with Added Protection

Victims of abuse are often afraid to seek legal counsel because they fear their abuser will learn of their plans. However, having an advocate on your side can help ensure you are fully protected while navigating through the divorce process. Your consultation with our DuPage County divorce lawyers is also completely confidential. Call 630-580-6373 to schedule yours today. 



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