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Digital Stalking and Spyware – The New Threat in Violent and Dangerous Divorces

Posted on in Domestic Violence

Illinois divorce attorneysStalking may not be an issue in all divorces, but it is common in marriages that have an element of abuse or violence. Thanks to technology and digital tools, stalkers also have more ways to track their spouses during and after a divorce. If you are leaving an abusive or dangerous marriage, learn more about the tactics that may be used to track you during your divorce, and discover how an experienced attorney can help protect you from a violent spouse.

GPS Tracking and Your Rights

Whether you are aware of it or not, your phone and the applications on it can track your location. Yet, even without a cell phone (or one in which the GPS function had been disabled), abusive spouses have a workaround. Miniature GPS tracking devices – some no larger than a button battery – can be installed in purses, on vehicles, and even jackets or other clothing items.

Most uses of trackers are illegal, and you may be able to press charges on a spouse that is attempting to track your location using a GPS monitoring device. However, there may be some limitations. As an example, consider the use of a GPS device on a vehicle that is financed under both yours and your spouse’s name; their joint ownership of the vehicle could (in the eyes of the law) validate their right to track its location. Because of this, victims are encouraged to avoid using any item that their spouse may have the right to track. If you suspect that you are still being tracked, speak to your attorney and contact law enforcement about your concerns.

Digital Spy Applications on Cellphones, Tablets, and Computers

In addition to tracking your location, your spouse may be able to use certain applications on your cell phone, tablet, or computer to monitor your spending, social media use, and even private text messages. This information can then be used to invoke fear, intimidate, or coerce you into giving up some (or even all) of your rights during the divorce. The omnipresence of your spouse could also leave you feeling as though the only “safe” choice is to return to your marriage. Rest assured, there are other ways to combat such issues.

If you suspect that your spouse is using digital spy tools to monitor you, immediately cease all use of the cellphone, tablet, or computer in question and then contact your attorney. They can guide you in what steps to take next. In some situations, this may include turning your devices over to law enforcement to check for any evidence of stalking tools or applications, so do not surrender your phone, tablet, or computer to your provider, manufacturer, or even a repair company until you have been told it is safe to do so.

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