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How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Posted on in Divorce

How Much Will My Divorce Cost, DuPage County divorce attorneysWhen thinking about a divorce, many people are naturally concerned about the cost. There are many variables that can affect how much a divorce will cost. The person that is responsible for paying these fees is usually decided by the couple or worked out in the divorce. To be sure, there exist a number of variables that will make the cost of a divorce go up or down.


Court fees are a part of almost all legal actions. These fees are paid to the court in order to file certain kinds of documents, including divorce documents. Recent articles have examined the difference in fees in different counties in Illinois. The fee for a divorce in DuPage County in 2016 is $290. Many counties in Illinois have been accused of having “skyrocketing” fees for civil actions and criminal convictions.

Attorney’s Fees

Attorney’s fees can vary depending on the divorce process and decisions that the couple makes. Some of the things that can affect the amount of attorney fees in a divorce are:

  • Mediation or Litigation - If a couple chooses to use mediation for their divorce, they will only have to pay one attorney instead of two. Mediation is a process in which an attorney who is trained as a mediator acts as a neutral third party and helps the couple come to agreements on the different aspects of the divorce. Mediation may be an option for some couples, but others may prefer litigation, especially if the divorce is especially contentious.
  • Contested or Uncontested – If a couple can agree on the important issues themselves, then the divorce is uncontested and just needs formal approval. This is generally much less expensive than contested divorces. In a contested divorce the couple will have areas of conflict and therefore will likely go back and forth with the attorneys and that can quickly make attorney fees add up due to the amount of time involved.
  • Settlement or Hearing – Generally, divorces that go to a hearing or get settled immediately before trial are much more expensive than divorces where the couple reaches a settlement beforehand. Attorneys need a lot of time to prepare for court so the preparation is costly. However, settling right before court is still less expensive than going to court because court time can also add up quickly. 

Expert Fees

Another cost that divorcing couples may not think about is the cost of experts. It may be necessary to consult a valuation expert or another financial expert so both parties know exactly the value of the assets and what financial consequences a proposed settlement might have. If you need experts to testify in court that can be even more costly.

Reach Out to Our Skilled DuPage County Divorce Attorneys

While attorney’s fees can be one of the biggest costs of a divorce, it can be much more expensive if there is a mistake and the divorce has to go back to court. You need knowledgeable attorneys on your side to make sure that the divorce goes smoothly and fairly. Our passionate DuPage County divorce attorneys at Davi Law Group, LLC can help to make sure your divorce is finalized without any unnecessary costs.



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