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How Long Does It Take to Complete an Illinois Divorce?

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Wheaton divorce attorneysOne of the first questions that divorcing parties ask is how long the process will take. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one, especially since there are so many variables involved. For example, a contentious divorce is likely to take far longer than an amicable one. Still, there are some generalizations that can give you an idea as to how long the process might take for you and your spouse. Learn more in the following sections, including how a seasoned divorce attorney may be able to take steps to expedite your Illinois divorce. 

Method of Divorce Can Affect the Duration of Your Case

Couples used to have to go through court for a divorce, but the process is both long and costly. As such, the system has added new avenues for divorce. For example, a couple may choose to mediate their divorce instead of going to litigation. Alternatively, they may use their attorneys to work out a negotiated settlement, or they may seek out arbitration. All of these avenues typically take less time than a litigated divorce, and they are usually less expensive. 

Still, there are many pitfalls that can cause these cases to drag out. For example, if you and your spouse choose to go through mediation but simply cannot agree on the allocation of parental responsibilities, you may have to take the matter to litigation. Or, if you have chosen a negotiated settlement, but you and your spouse come to a stand-still when dealing with the family home, the matter may have to go to court.

Choosing Whether to Settle or Fight It Out In Court

Litigated divorce cases can take months, sometimes even years to settle, which is why parties often try to avoid this divorce method. However, there are situations in which litigation may be more suitable (or even required). One example is when there is a history of abuse in the marriage; such cases are not usually considered suitable for alternative dispute resolution, so they must be litigated. Parties who are the victims of asset depreciation or asset hiding (or at high risk for these issues) are also usually encouraged to go through litigation. Another issue that might make a litigated divorce more suitable is a high asset divorce. Here, the stakes are exceptionally high, and contention is extremely common. 

How Our DuPage County Divorce Lawyers Can Help

At Davi Law Group, LLC, we work hard to protect the best interests of our clients, and that starts with helping you choose the right method of divorce. Dedicated and experienced, our DuPage County divorce lawyers always pursue the most favorable outcome possible, regardless of the situation. Get started on your case by scheduling a personalized, confidential consultation. Call our offices at 630-580-6373 today. 



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