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Have a Friend Going Through Divorce? Study Says It Could Be “Contagious”

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Illinois divorce lawyersIf you have a friend going through a divorce, science says you could be next. Why is this, and what do you need to know before moving forward? The following information explains, and it provides you with some important details on how a seasoned divorce lawyer can help improve the overall outcome in your Illinois divorce case. 

Is Divorce “Contagious?”

Although divorce shares very little with the common cold, scientists say it could be just as “contagious.” Researchers from Harvard University, Brown University, and the University of California at San Diego conducted the largest study on the subject to date, and they found that having a divorced friend increases your chances of pursuing a divorce by 75 percent. Your risk also increases if a friend of a friend goes through a divorce - by about 33 percent.

Relationship experts say this phenomenon can be easily explained; misery loves company, so if a friend is complaining about their spouse, you are more likely to chime in and discuss your own issues. Then, if that friend divorces, you may witness them going through temporary relief, and potentially even a little bit of a high when they pursue new relationships. That can look pretty appealing when your own marriage feels stale. Conversely, if your marriage has been rocky for a while, you may envy your friend’s newfound freedom and want to seek it out yourself.

Should You Pursue an Illinois Divorce?

While some cases of divorce envy can be remedied through counseling and marital communication, marriages with a history of contention, infidelity, abuse, or emotional abandonment may be irreparable. Alternatively, couples may simply find that they are better off friends or co-parents than spouses. Self-analysis and either individual therapy or marriage counseling can help couples determine where they stand and how they should proceed if they are uncertain whether divorce is the most appropriate path for their lives. Whatever the situation, parties are encouraged to seek experienced legal assistance with their divorce, as the process can be both lengthy and complex. Children and multiple, valuable, or difficult to value assets can further complicate the process. 

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