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Forgiveness in Divorce Makes it Easier

Posted on in Divorce

It may seem impossible in the throes of divorce to ever imagine forgiving your ex for the emotional pain and possible hardship caused in the failed relationship. The most important aspect in a divorce to moving on from the pain and starting a new life is to find a way to forgive your ex, and allow yourself some distance and reflection from the mess. One easy way to do this is to seek the counsel of a qualified divorce attorney, who can help you sort through the nuts and bolts of a divorce so you’re more able to deal with the emotional fallout. According to the Examiner, “forgiveness is not reconciliation. Reconciliation is a different step that may or may not happen. But forgiveness is crucial.” This high ideal isn’t just an acceptance of an apology, but a rooting deep within to find the peace it takes to release someone form the pain he or she has caused you. Forgiveness is the first step to a good divorce—the next is to try to make sure that you’re both on board with the process as it begins. Many couples seek therapy at the end of their marriage for help going through a divorce. According to the Independent, “professional counselors no longer necessarily aim to glue you both back together like a broken vase. They want what is best for both of you, and they may help both of you to deal with the divorce in a more rational and civilized way.” This is especially true if one party isn’t quite ready to call it quits. If you or someone you know is going through a divorce, don’t do it alone. A qualified attorney can help you to sort out the logistics, so you’re able to focus on getting your life back together. Contact a dedicated Illinois divorce attorney today. Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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