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Five Behaviors That Suggest Your Spouse May Be Planning to File for an Illinois Divorce

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Illinois divorce lawyersIntuition can be a wonderful thing; it can be what encourages you to complete a project sooner than its due date, only to learn that you wrote down the date incorrectly but still had it done on time, or it could be the reason you end up having a much-needed item at exactly the right moment. Intuition can also feel like a bit of a curse sometimes - like when that tiny voice in your head is trying to tell you that your spouse is contemplating a divorce. If you have that nagging feeling, the following five signs can tell you whether your intuition may be correct. You shall also learn how to prepare for an Illinois divorce, should you or your spouse decide to file for one in the immediate future. 

Five Clues That Indicate Your Spouse May be Planning a Divorce 

Although there are many behaviors and actions that can indicate a divorce may be on the horizon, five specific clues are almost always present in impending cases. These include: 

1. Your spouse suddenly becomes more protective over their finances. Perhaps they have cut off your access to an online account or have started hiding their pay stubs or invoices. Maybe they have removed you as an authorized user on their credit card, or they simply avoid money conversations altogether now. Perhaps it is nothing more than a distinct difference in how they behave during money-related conversations. Whatever the situation, you feel as though something feels “off” when you try to discuss the family finances with them; 

2. Your spouse takes a sudden and uncharacteristic interest in your family’s finances. If your spouse has never really seemed interested in the family budget or cash flow but then suddenly wants to more about know how much things cost, how much money you make, or the amount you have saved in your retirement account, be forewarned - they could be contemplating a divorce; 

3. Your spouse is hesitant to talk about long-term plans. For some, it is a hesitation to talk about long-term financial plans (such as purchasing a home). Others may retreat or deflect when asked to engage in making plans for the upcoming holidays or a vacation;

4. Physical intimacy is nearly non-existent or has completely ended. If you have trouble recalling the last time that you and your spouse were physically intimate with one another, one of two things could be happening - they could be either contemplating or currently engaged in an affair, or they may already be in the process of planning a divorce; 

5. Your spouse takes a sudden and uncharacteristic interest in your child’s health, education, or free-time. When a parent speaks with an attorney, they are often advised to spend as much time with the child as possible, as it may be used to determine the amount of parenting time or decision-making power that they will be given in a divorce. 

Planning for the Divorce Process When You Suspect Your Spouse is Already in Preparation 

If you have noticed any of the aforementioned signs in your spouse, they could already be in the preparation phases of a divorce. Swift action is not only warranted but necessary. Start by scheduling your personalized, no-obligation consultation Davi Law Firm, LLC. Able to guide you on your next steps, our seasoned Wheaton divorce lawyers can protect your financial and parental interests, even if your spouse has already filed. Contact our offices at 630-580-6373.




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