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Father’s Rights Group is Pushing for 50-50 Child Custody Law

Posted on in Child Custody

Wheaton parenting time lawyerDivorce can be difficult for all involved parties, but children are often the most susceptible to lifelong complications. For example, studies have shown that children of divorce may be more likely to experience certain health issues, behavioral issues, and mental illness in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Children may also experience maladjustment issues during and immediately after the divorce, such as bedwetting and separation anxiety.

Thankfully, other studies have shown that parents can mitigate the risk with 50-50 shared parenting. Now a father’s rights group is pushing for that arrangement to be the presumed arrangement in family courts. Learn what this might mean for your divorce case, should they be successful, and discover how an experienced attorney can help you now, regardless of whether their efforts change the law or not.

Fathers Remain at a Disadvantage in Divorce

Although there have been many changes to family courts over the last several years, fathers continue to be at a disadvantage in divorce. Much of this is due to when a child’s bond with its mother was thought to be “more important” than the child’s bond with the father. However, there are other factors as well, such as the high rates of domestic violence and a continued bias among some judges.

What a 50-50 Presumption in Divorce Would Mean for Families

What might happen the father’s rights group achieves success? The first thing to understand is that a presumed parenting time arrangement does not necessarily mean that all cases will end with a 50-50 arrangement. Instead, it only uses this as a starting point. Cases involving domestic violence, severe mental health, abuse, neglect, or other issues that could endanger the child may be handled differently, provided the accusing parent has evidence.

Another issue to be aware of is that parenting time is included in child support calculations whenever both parents have the child for at least 146 nights out of the year. As such, a parent receiving support may have their amount reduced if the group is successful in their efforts.

How Our Seasoned Wheaton Divorce Lawyers Can Help

Fathers who want near equal time and rights to their children do not have to wait for the advocacy group to be successful in their case. They can contact an attorney for assistance and representation now. Davi Law Group, LLC will protect your rights to your child and assist you in pursuing the parenting time arrangement that you deserve. Call 630-580-6373 and schedule a consultation with our seasoned Wheaton divorce lawyers today.








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