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Does Divorce Increase Your Child’s Risk of Divorce, or Is the Decision Genetic?

Posted on in Family Law

Illinois divorce lawyersHistorically, experts have seen divorce as a negative childhood event. However, families and scientists are starting to find that this may not be entirely true. In fact, science has recently found that contention may be more of a factor in the development of certain childhood issues after a divorce and that contention can have a negative effect, even if a divorce does not occur.

Now science has made a new and equally interesting discovery. In previous studies, children of divorce were found to have a higher risk of divorce themselves. Experts have always considered that to be an environmental issue, but a new study suggests the effect could be genetic.

A Closer Look at the Study

In their study, researchers wanted to answer one simple question: why does divorce run in families? Their conclusion challenges everything we thought we knew about divorce. In examining the DNA of adopted Swedish children, researchers found a strong and consistent genetic link to divorce. Set to be published in an upcoming issue of Psychological Science, the study alter everything from how therapists work with distressed couples to what parents consider when deciding if divorce may be the next best step in their life.

What a Genetic Effect Means for Families

One of the many factors that couples may consider before filing for divorce is how it might affect their children. Should they determine that the negative effects are simply too great, they may consider delaying the divorce until their children are older. However, as science is now showing, divorce may not have as negative of an impact as previously thought.

For example, if a parent had concerns that their decision to divorce might negatively impact their child’s future relationships, the new study could give them peace of mind. As a result, they may feel more confident about moving forward with a decision that they know is right for their family. Likewise, the study on contention and divorce might encourage parents in an abusive or particularly toxic situation to seek outside help.

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