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Divorce Solutions - Making an In-House Separation Work for Your Family

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Wheaton divorce attorneysFor some divorcing couples, the process is swift. Each moves into their own place and on with their own lives. For others, it is a slow, almost imperceptible change that gradually leads to a new and single life for each party. Such is the case with in-house separation. If this is the solution you are considering for your marriage, these tips can help you make it work. 

Step One: Announce Your Grievances and Establish a Truce

Whereas other separating parties may be able to work out their grievances over time, in separate houses, those who choose to have an in-house separation need to lay their issues out on the table so they can start to move forward. Otherwise, you and your spouse will simply continue to argue and repeat the same cycles. 

Once you have announced your grievances, it is time to establish a truce. Commit to not working on your marital issues and finding a new path forward for your own life instead. Approaching matters in this way can also work for those who hope to repair their marriage since most issues that lead to separation require you to find new and stable ground.

Step Two: Set Rules and Boundaries 

No matter how you look at or approach it, separation hurts. So, when you live in the same home during separation, each party must be mindful of the other’s feelings. Ground rules and boundaries can keep interactions amicable. They also ensure that each party is comfortable in their own living space. For example, you and your spouse may decide against texting or dating while the two of you are still living together.

Step Three: Create and Maintain Structure 

Many couples choose an in-house separation because of finances; they may not be able to afford two separate homes when they decide to end their marriage. Likewise, household chores and family responsibilities must be divided up fairly so that neither party is overstressed or overwhelmed. A written agreement can be used to keep things proper and official. 

Make It Official: Contact Our Wheaton Family Law Attorneys 

For help in making your in-house separation work, contact Davi Law Group, LLC. Our skilled and experienced DuPage County family law attorneys recognize that every couple approaches divorce and separation in their own way. We strive to protect your interests, whatever your marital path. Call 630-580-6373 to schedule your personalized consultation with us today. 



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