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Divorce Mediation in Illinois - Addressing Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Illinois divorce mediation lawyersDivorce mediation has quickly become a popular way for parties to divorce - and not just because it offers a more cost-effective way to dissolve a marriage. Mediation also encourages cooperation and compromise between the divorcing parties, which can help to improve the overall outcome for divorcing parents, older divorcing couples splitting a retirement, and couples with a high net worth marriage. Still, divorcing parties often feel more at ease when they know what to expect from the divorce mediation process. Learn more in the following sections, which address some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce mediation in Illinois. 

What is Divorce Mediation? 

Before mediation, divorcing parties were pitted against one another and placed on opposite sides in court litigation. Sadly, this led to many poor outcomes, especially for children. Mediation works differently. It encourages the parties to compromise and come to an agreement that works for all involved parties (parents, children, and even pets). Parties who successfully reach an agreement can avoid court proceedings altogether, but if an agreement cannot be made, the parties may still address their issues in court and allow a judge to decide on the matters that are pertinent or problematic in their divorce. 

Are There Any Benefits to Choosing Mediation Over Litigation?

Mediation is often chosen by divorcing couples because it offers them a way to end their marriage faster, and more amicably. As a result, they are better able to preserve their wealth. Children are also less likely to suffer maladjustment when their parents go through a divorce, especially when parents strive for amicable proceedings and an agreement that allows the child ample time and support from each of their parents. Agreements can also be more flexible for those that go through mediation. Parents, retiring divorcees, and even high net worth individuals often find this to be a benefit in their Illinois divorce cases. 

Do I Need an Attorney for Divorce Mediation? 

Mediated divorces are carried out and officiated by a court mediator - someone who is trained and skilled at handling divorce disagreements and the pertinent legal documents. They are not a judge, which can make the process seem less intimidating, but it is important to know that a mediator is not there to protect your interests. Their job is to help you and your spouse find common ground. An attorney’s job is different, however; they are there to ensure your rights are protected, and that you understand the potential ramifications of any agreements you are considering. As such, it is highly recommended that parties still have an attorney present when going through divorce mediation. 

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