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Disney Channel to Introduce a Spinoff Show That Portrays Divorce in a Whole New Light

Posted on in Child Custody

DuPage County family law attorneysAs most adults know, happy endings are less common in real life than in storybooks, and even when one does come, it rarely looks quite like you envision. The Disney Channel is reflecting this in a new television series, Raven’s Home, a follow-up to the old hit show, That’s So Raven. Their goal? To show that divorce can be scary, especially for kids, but lots of families get through it, and some are stronger and better for it in the end.

Strong and Successful Co-Parenting

Raven and Devon were high school sweethearts, and they were attempting to make a long-distance relationship work when the original show ended. Now they have twin girls, have recently gone through a divorce, and everyone is trying to find their new version of “normal.”

Raven is living with her best friend, raising the kids, and Devon is a present and positive role model in the lives of his two children. Both parents are working hard to build a healthy and successful co-parenting team – which makes them a lot like other divorcees these days.

As it just so happens, this is how many families are doing divorce today. In fact, trends like birdnesting, parenting marriages, and other non-traditional family models have all stemmed from a shared understanding between modern parents: a child’s needs and best interests should take precedence over the legalities of a divorce, such as asset division or debt allocation. However, the process is still slow, and children are still exposed mostly to traditional, two-parent homes in their television shows. Disney is hoping to be the one station that changes all that.

Making Co-Parenting Work for Your Family

Co-parenting rarely looks the same from one family to the next. Some parents can still be civil and can discuss matters involving their children, regularly and in-person. Others must communicate through email and have minimal contact. Still, some continue to live together as the children grow because they know they can pull it off, and they are confident that it is the best option for their children. What is best for yours? Truthfully, only you can decide. However, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand your options.

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