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Coping with the Pain of Infidelity During Your Illinois Divorce

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Wheaton divorce lawyersWhile divorce is, at its core, a legal process, one cannot deny its emotional aspects. Infidelity, whether physical or emotional, can heighten those feelings and further complicate the process – but it does not have to. Instead, you can learn to cope with the pain of your betrayal while still acting in a diplomatic way in the legal proceedings of your case. Learn how, and discover what an experienced attorney can do to help in the following sections.

Understanding How Emotion Can Complicate Divorce

The end of a marriage can be immensely painful for all parties, and infidelity often strengthens the blow. Yet, in divorce, emotion can be your worst enemy. Capable of clouding your judgment, it can cause you to become retaliatory, which may drive up your legal fees and court costs. High levels of contention in a divorce may also impact any children that you and your spouse share. As such, it is highly recommended that you attempt to remove as much of the emotion from the legal process of your divorce as humanly possible.

Putting Things into Perspective

Infidelity is, undoubtedly, a painful situation. However, it is rarely what causes the breakdown of a marriage. Instead, there may have been issues, long before the cheating started. Understanding this can help to put things in perspective, which can improve your ability to focus not on the emotional aspects of your divorce, but the legal ones.

Recognize It Has No Relevance in a Courtroom

Your heart may be broken and you may feel horribly betrayed, but divorce in Illinois does not consider matters of the heart in court proceedings. Instead, marriages are automatically considered “no-fault,” which essentially means that the only legal “cause” is irreconcilable differences. No one wins. No one loses. You simply complete the legal process and walk away, hopefully, ready to embrace your new life as a single individual. Remembering this when negotiating your settlement can help you avoid the emotional traps that have been laid by such a horrible betrayal but do not serve you in your case.

Turn to Our Experienced Wheaton Divorce Lawyers for Help

Although legal representation is not required when pursuing a divorce in Illinois, having one on your side can reduce the risk of you making emotionally-charged decisions during the legal process. Ultimately, that can protect your settlement and improve the overall outcome of your case. Seasoned and experienced, the Wheaton divorce lawyers at Davi Law Group, LLC offer compassionate assistance for even the most difficult of situations. Call 630-580-6373 to schedule your personalized consultation with us today.






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