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Compassionate Parenting Can Improve a Child’s Ability to Cope with Divorce

Posted on in Child Custody

Illinois parenting time lawyersAlthough divorce can negatively impact all involved parties, children tend to be the most vulnerable. In fact, studies have shown that children may experience behavioral, mental, and emotional issues during a divorce, and some of those effects can carry on into adulthood. Thankfully, parents can mitigate the potential damage with compassion, empathy, and few tried and true tips for helping children cope. Learn more about them, and discover how an experienced divorce attorney can improve the outcome for you and your child during an Illinois divorce.

Be Empathetic to Your Child’s Position and Feelings

Part of the reason that children struggle so much with divorce is that they are powerless in the situation. They have no choice; they can only cope and eventually accept. To complicate matters even further, children rarely have any advance knowledge that divorce is on the horizon, so the news may leave them feeling like their entire life has fallen apart, and all in a matter of moments. Also, because children may not have a clear understanding of divorce, they may think that they can “fix” the issue, or they may blame themselves. Some also fear that their relationships with one or both parents may suffer, or they may be afraid of the changes. Be empathetic to their position and feelings, and do your best to comfort them when it is needed. Be clear but empathetic about how life will change. 

Listen More Than You Talk

The best thing that divorcing parents can do for their children is to listen more than you speak. Be there when they need you and answer their questions to the best of your ability. Be as honest as possible about the facts that are relevant to your child but do not divulge every detail of the divorce. Parents are also encouraged to avoid badmouthing the other parent within earshot of the child, as this behavior can be especially damaging to a child that is going through a divorce.

Redesign and Redefine Your Family

For better or worse, you and your spouse are parents of the same children. Divorce does not change that, which means you are going to have to redesign and redefine your family. For some, this means using parallel parenting strategies to avoid unnecessary contact. For others, it might mean holding onto traditions, such as celebrating birthdays and holidays together, even if one or both parents eventually remarry. Consider carefully what will work best for your family, and talk to an experienced divorce lawyer for additional information on various parenting plan strategies that have helped other Illinois families successfully co-parent their child.

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