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What’s in a Name? – Changing a Name after a Divorce

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DuPage county divorce attorneys, changing a name after divorceChanging your name can be the last step in completing a divorce, and it may even assist you in leaving behind the emotional difficulty of the divorce as you shed your former identity. However, after the emotional turmoil, it may be difficult to give up a name. Still, it does not have to be done immediately. You can legally change your name after a divorce when it works best for you.

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to maintain your name for professional reasons or to help your children cope better with the divorce. Whatever your reason, you can change your name at the best time for you and your family once a divorce is finalized. 

Steps for Changing Your Name

Changing your name is an easy and straightforward process under Illinois law. The process happens in a few stages yet is relatively simple. The name change process after divorce in Illinois is as follows: 

  • Judgement for Dissolution of Marriage: Make sure that your attorney requests your Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage which states that you have permission to resume use of your former name. You will need two copies of your Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage. Your divorce attorney will provide one copy and you can request an additional copy from the County Clerk;
  • New Social Security Card: You will also need a new Social Security card. Requesting a new Social Security card requires you send a your documents to the Social Security Administration. Once your application is completed, you can then mail the application, the certified copy of your judgment, proof of identity (eg. state ID or driver’s license) and proof of citizenship (eg. birth certificate, passport) to the Social Security Administration.
  • New Driver’s License: You will also need a new driver’s license. You can simply use the certified copy of your Judgment, a document with your signature and a record that has your date of birth (eg birth certificate, passport), proof of your Social Security number, or proof of residency to the DMV.

Once you have a new identification, other changes to your employer, credit card companies, and bank accounts can be made easily by placing a phone call or changing your documents online.   

Contact an Attorney

The divorce process can be complex and draining. Changing your name can help you to mentally move forward from a divorce. If you and your spouse are considering a separation or divorce, then you should contact the DuPage County divorce attorneys at Davi Law Group, LLC who can provide you with guidance for the entire divorce process, from separation to a name change. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.




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