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Asking For More Parenting Time

 Posted on December 22, 2023 in Family Law

DuPage County family lawyersAre you unhappy with your current parenting time arrangement? Perhaps you feel you are not getting enough time with your children, and something needs to change. On the other hand, maybe something has changed, such as procuring a new and more lucrative job. Now you have the time and money to take your kids to do things you have always wanted to do with them. However, the order for parenting time has you barely getting a weekend with your children. It may be time to consult an attorney to see what can be done to get you more time with your children.

How a Parenting Time Schedule Can Be Modified

The key to all changes is what is in a child's best interest in terms of parenting time and decision-making. Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of a judge's decision unless you and your former partner can come to a more suitable agreement. For the latter to take place after an order has already been entered, a two-year waiting period will be required from when the order was entered to filing a petition for modification. The two years can be waived only in extreme circumstances, such as:

  • The custodial parent is a registered or convicted sex offender, and your child may be at risk
  • Your child has suffered sexual abuse in their current household
  • The custodial parent has been incarcerated and is unable to care for your children
  • Social problems are developing in your child because of the custodial parent
  • Your child's current living situation is causing their grades to decline

These circumstances would alter decision-making responsibilities as well as parenting time. Of course, proof is required for these claims if they can hold up during a hearing. What is required to modify parenting time is a change in circumstances. It does not have to be a significant change in circumstances if the changes being asked for are minor and remain in the children's best interest.

Contact a DuPage County, IL Family Law Attorney

When you are ready to make changes to your parenting time schedule, you should discuss them with a Wheaton, IL visitation lawyer. Attempting to modify a parental responsibilities order without legal representation would be highly unadvised. Allow the lawyers at the Davi Law Group to take on some of the burden and ensure your rights are protected. Contact our office at 630-657-5052 for a free consultation to discuss what we can do for you.

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