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Archive, March 2014.

Often in divorce or child custody cases, the primary concern is, or should be, the well being of any children that are involved in the case. In fact, the standard the court uses to make decisions regarding custody and support is always what is in the best interests of the child. Now, a recent article suggests that establishing routines for children to follow is found to boost their social and emotional health, which would be in their best interests, and may help when adjusting to new lifestyle changes, such as divorced parents and split schedules.
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Ending your marriage also changes many other aspects of life. Not only does one’s social life change, but divorce can cause a number of legal effects on your life as well. After divorce, one key issue to consider is changing your estate planning documents to reflect your new status your new estate planning wishes. Following is a good framework for this estate planning issue, and what can be done to make sure that your wishes are carried out after a divorce.
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Whether the concern is focused on a minor child, an elderly deteriorating relative, or an individual who is disabled, the law of guardianship may be relevant to the situation and can operate to step in and address some concerns while making a difficult situation more manageable. Many may be unaware that such a legal proceeding exists, and those who are aware may still have many questions about the process. Below, you can find some common and general questions about guardianship and some helpful answers to the same.
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It seems cheating is a relatively prevalent topic among couples, especially for those who are experiencing marital trouble. Different circumstances within a relationship can lead to infidelity, and cheating does not necessarily equate to the end of a relationship. Once cheating occurs, the partner that was cheated on may wonder how, or if, the situation could have been prevented entirely. While not every relationship pitfall can always be avoided, a recent article discusses a new trend that many couples are employing in an attempt to curb poor behavior, and to plan for the outcome of such an …

The end of a marriage is an emotionally tumultuous time. This is especially true when children are involved. The prospect of fighting an ex-spouse in court over the legal and physical custody of shared children is overwhelming for most individuals. It usually represents a dramatic life change, affecting parents and children equally. While a court decision regarding child custody may solidify one parent’s relationship with their child, it could irreversibly damage the other’s. A recent article discussed the damage that this system could have on a family, and why courts should favor a …

Divorce brings major life changes along with it. Many times, those involved in a divorce must move to a new home, change their lifestyle, and even change jobs. In picking up the pieces and starting over, some may find comfort in forming new relationships. When entering into a new romantic relationship in this situation, many questions arise. You may be tempted to jump back into the dating pool, but beware. Whether you are going through a divorce or are just newly divorced, a recent article suggests that having a member of the opposite sex spend the night is a huge mistake.

Often times, when two people in love are engaged and planning a wedding, planning for a possible divorce is the last thing on their minds. Even if the possibility of a future divorce has crossed their minds, they will likely avoid taking the step of suggesting a prenuptial agreement as doing so may result in not only hurt feelings, but potentially a broken engagement.

Wills and other estate planning documents can provide for the distribution of assets and the assignment of personal property to loved ones after death. Beyond that, these documents can be as personal and specific as the testator wishes. Many people may not realize the extent of the terms they can include in their will. Often times, as demonstrated by a recent article regarding a celebrity’s will, the thoughts and feelings expressed in a will are particularly trustworthy, as the testator knows they need not be concerned with repercussions at the time their wishes are made known.
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Usually, when a couple decides to divorce, one of them leaves the marital home they previously shared. However, there are times when one spouse will refuse to leave the home despite the other’s demands. In that case, the spouse requesting that the other party leave may be forced to employ Illinois law in order to have their wishes granted.
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The issue of same-sex marriage has been a frequent topic in the news in recent years. Both federal courts and state courts have made decisions regarding its legality over the last few years, with several states, including Illinois, deciding to make gay marriage legal and issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Now, it is suggested that Illinois may start issuing marriage licenses sooner than expected.
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The statistics for the rate of divorce across the country are staggering. While different situations lead to divorce, not all couples who initially consider or plan on divorcing actually go through with it. A recent article published by USA Today examines this fact and considers what makes separated couples give marriage another shot.
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In child custody matters, the child’s parents are not the only members of the family whose relationship with the child will be affected. Often times, there are extended family members on both sides who may be interested in securing time and solidifying their relationship with the child. However, under the law, only certain family members are able to petition the court to do so. Additionally, those who are eligible to petition the court will likely only get their requests granted under certain situations.
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