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An Overview of the Adoption Process in Illinois

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Illinois adoption attorneysAdopting a child is a monumental decision. It is also a complex legal process, regardless of whether you are going through an agency or the state. Even when adopting a child or adult within your own family, there are certain legal steps and procedures that one must follow. Gain a brief understanding of this process in the following sections, and discover how our seasoned Wheaton adoption attorneys can help you successfully navigate the complexities of your case. 

Determining Your Adoption Method

The first step to adoption is to determine what path you want (or need) to take, as some processes are specific to the type of adoption you are pursuing. For example, those seeking an international adoption will have to go through more legal steps (securing a passport, meeting with the embassy of the child’s birth country, etc.) than someone seeking a step-parent adoption. 

Some adopting families will immediately know the type of adoption they want (most common in intra-family adoptions). Others will have questions about the differences between the types of adoption, or they may have reservations about pursuing one path over another (foster care adoption versus private adoption). If you are uncertain, a seasoned attorney can answer your questions and help guide you to the path that most suits your family’s desires and expectations.  

Preparing for Your Child

Biological parents typically have nine months to prepare for the addition of a child. Adoptive parents may not have that long. Even if they do, there are steps where adoptive parents must prove that they are ready for the child in terms of space, safety, and accommodations. This step is known as the “home study.” 

Completing a Home Study

Nearly all adoptive parents will need to undergo what is known as a “home study.” During this step, prospective parents complete interviews and show their house to the home study surveyor (this may be DCFS or a private agency, depending on your situation). The surveyor will look for things like safety issues, the state and size of your home, the overall environment, and other applicable matters. It is advised you have an attorney guiding you through this intensive process. 

Legally Filing for Adoption

Most adoptions require that the child resides within the home with its adopting parent for a specific time period. This time is designed to be a “trial period,” so to speak. Really, though, it is meant to give you and the child a chance to bond, and to ensure you can meet all their needs. Once this period is over, you can legally file for the adoption. (Note that most familial adoptions do not have to go through this “trial period,” as they have typically lived with the child for the predetermined time period.)

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