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Adultery & Gender Equality

Posted on in Divorce

Ask almost anyone who they think of when they hear the word “adultery,” and you will most likely be unanimously greeted with images of a male of any age, breaking the marital bonds he shares with his wife. And while not completely justified, it is true that throughout history men have owned the lion’s share of adultery in committed marriages.

  But now things seem to be changing – according to a study performed earlier this year, women have closed the gap on infidelity, with rates of adultery rising over 40% in just two decades. And while this may not be something to celebrate, it shows a rise in interesting trends that seem to support the equality among individuals of both genders.

 Women Have More Opportunities

For most of the 20th century, women were highly dissuaded from performing adulterous acts, due to the consequences that were bound to occur if discovered. Besides the social reputational damage, husbands could seek divorce from the adulterous wife, leaving the wife without virtually no financial support structures and fewer employment opportunities. This is what inevitably led to a lower rate of adultery among women who had no financial stability without their male counterparts.

 As women’s rights began to blossom and flourish over the course of the past decades, employment opportunities began to emerge for women across the country, coupled with healthy salaries that could support the lifestyle of a contemporary woman. The women in these positions now enjoy more financial independence, which subsequently has led to a higher prevalence of infidelity.

 What This Means for Many Divorce Cases

With over 14 percent of committed women admitting to adultery just a few years ago, this rise has led to an interesting phenomenon among divorce cases. Adultery now is a top cause of a spousal separation.

Naturally, many disenchanted spouses that are married to cheating wives hope to use this infidelity as a way to achieve as much leverage as possible during a court procedure. Yet while this may work in some states throughout the nation, it can only occur where it is allowed as an acceptable reason. Illinois will examine the issue of adultery in permitting a divorce, but will not take it into consideration when considering the division of property, nor when awarding any type of alimony or maintenance.

 Why You Need a Divorce Attorney

When seeking a separation, it is imperative that you retain the services of a skilled divorce attorney that can handle the complexities and intricacies of any case involving divorce. Whether infidelity was present over the course of a marriage, or one or both spouses are seeking separation absent of adultery, a trained professional can help you achieve your desired outcome.

 If your or someone you know is seeking a divorce from a spouse, contact the attorneys at the Davi Law Group today to discover how we can help work towards a future you deserve.

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