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5 Tips for Minimizing Conflict During Divorce

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DuPage County Divorce LawyerGetting a divorce is rarely easy. Even if you are relatively amicable with your spouse, the potential for interpersonal conflict is very high during divorce. It can be a very emotionally charged situation. Especially if you are trying for an uncontested divorce and will need to reach an agreement, it is best to minimize the amount of conflict in your divorce. Fighting with the spouse you are already leaving is only going to cause additional stress. There are a number of strategies you can use for avoiding the drama, even if your spouse seems determined to keep arguing. If you have children together, conflict can take its toll on them as well. An attorney can give you more specific advice once they understand your situation. 

Avoiding Conflict While You Are Getting Divorced

While you are in the process of a divorce, the only arguing should be done by attorneys. Some helpful tips for minimizing potentially damaging conflict with your spouse include: 

  • Stay off social media - Avoid making posts about your spouse or your ongoing divorce. Your posts are likely to be seen by your spouse. Assuming your spouse also uses social media, retaliation is very likely. If you make a post badmouthing your spouse, expect to see them make a similar post about you. This can easily start a pattern of back-and-forth negative posting. 

  • Leave the kids out of it - It may be tempting to complain about your spouse to your children, or to tell them why the divorce is your spouse‚Äôs fault. Do not do this. For one, it will stress out the children and could damage their relationship with you or their other parent. Additionally, it may reflect negatively on you should there be a custody dispute. 

  • Be careful with mutual friends - You and your spouse most likely have friends in common. If you choose to continue spending time with these people, limit discussion about your divorce. Mutual friends may tell your spouse what was discussed. This will only lead to unnecessary conflict and drama. 

  • Stay apart - You are getting divorced for a reason. It is better that you do not spend time around your spouse unless you are considering reconciliation or are truly going to remain friends. Otherwise, you should not be seeing your spouse except during mediation or in court. 

  • Remain firm - You may have moments where you miss your spouse and feel like getting back in touch with them. These moments tend to pass. Try not to act on them. Tell your attorney if you are honestly considering reconciliation. 

Your divorce is happening for a reason. The more you separate yourself from your spouse now, the easier your adjustment may be. 

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